1.5 Years Later…

This isn't a COVID related post, sorry to disappoint. I will take you back to 2019 when I decided to withdraw myself from the digital space (Facebook and Instagram). Social Media consumed a good chunk of my time each day from when I woke up to when I went to bed it all started very... Continue Reading →


That warm sweet smell drifted through the air taking me back to my childhood... A brisk morning with a cool breeze as the sun arose, my mother would treat me as we waited for our clothes to finish at the laundry mat with a doughnut from the shop just a few store fronts down. The... Continue Reading →

5 Books You Should Read

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.I read this book in high school and it has resonated with me ever since. Its about Dr. Randy Pausch who discusses everything he wants his children to know. What inspired this was his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and his lecture titled 'Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams' given at Carnegie... Continue Reading →

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