April 2020 — New Boss

There's been a lot of transition around my office since at least 2020. We welcomed my new boss whose catch phrase was, 'I'm just living the dream in a pandemic'. We quickly bonded over our nieces and nephews by sharing stories about them. I've personally met Rock Lobster (a trivia nickname for my boss) a... Continue Reading →

Like a Drowning Rat

Year one I was on a cruise.Smooth sailing,Ocean views,Paradise. Year two I was in Europe.Backpacking,Museums,indulging in florigen air. Year three I was captured.Like a bird in a cage,unable to fly. Year four I was on a hole filled raft.Each day taking on more waterthan I could handle. Since I started my career its been a... Continue Reading →

Soapbox: Needy/Poor

I arrived at work and started my daily routine where I came across an article about a new program that will hopefully help bridge the gap in higher education and young adults who may face poverty. While the program sounds promising, I was totally caught off guard and fixated on the term 'Needy'. That's right... Continue Reading →


In recent weeks, the #10yearchallenge, has made its way across social media. If you're unfamiliar with the challenge, its where people post two pictures: a current picture (now) and one from 10 years ago then all their friends engage with the post. At first glance to me, it was fun seeing friends and family transform... Continue Reading →


As I reflect on my life, I now realize that philanthropy has always been apartof my journey. While I had a humble start in life from being homeless to achieving a Master’s degree, there was always someone there helping me along the way. These people range from giving my family food which could be personally... Continue Reading →

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