Virtual Adventures


Adventures are out there. Where every you are you can see the world. Some days I like to take a left turn instead of right and keep going until I’m lost and then figure out my way back home. Other days when I cannot get out I like to use Roundme App (Androids only, sorry Apple users). Roundme let’s you explore different parts of the world without leaving the comfort of your home.Granted a real adventure is better. You can always use Google Earth to discover Stonehenge or Mars! Yes, I said Mars. You live in a technological age so why not take advantage of the tools you use for social media each day? Share you adventures in the comments.


This past year I’ve realized how attached to technology I was instead of enjoying the moment I was in. Granted I didn’t upload things to my social media accounts until I got home to reflect on my day but I still would post it to snapchat. I slowly stopped pushing my photos onto my facebook because I wanted to keep these special moments I had to my friends and myself, after all it was our memory not the worlds. I see far too many people taking out their phones to document what has happened or about to happen and post it to facebook, instagram, or twitter, for what? To show other people that you have a life? Who are you trying to prove that you have some exciting life?

I say just live for the moment and savor each photograph. You don’t have to take a photo every time you go out to eat or run to the store or for every cool sunset you happen to see. Enjoy the moment. I am still savoring my graduation photos and many from my last year of college because they mean the world to me and I’m not sure if I’m ready for others to know that.

“Put down your phone, live your life.”



Defining Beauty from interviews

Over the past week  I spent time asking anyone I came into contact with what beauty is and if everyone is beautiful. The results surprised me. When asked what beauty is majority said something along the lines, “Beauty is more than what is on the outside. In order to be beautiful you must have a great personality.” They also said, “You must also be physically beautiful along with the personality to be beautiful.” This didn’t surprise me at all because today you are not only expected to look good but also have the right personality, not too cocky now. Some people mentioned that in order to be beautiful you must be smart, or have a great spirit, or be in tune with your emotions.

When I asked if everyone is beautiful, I expected to get a unanimous yes and some sort of explanation that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and/or that we are all beautiful. Majority said that we all aren’t beautiful. When asked to explain why they said no they gave reasons like: “if you are physically beautiful and have a bad attitude you are ugly. You don’t have any good traits. You must be kind and beautiful.”

My conclusion, not everyone can be beautiful sorry folks. If everyone is beautiful than it loses the value behind being beautiful. No you don’t have to be physically attractive to be beautiful. I think there must be something about the aroma within you that makes you beautiful. Overall I think natural beauty found on earth at the highest peaks or deepest oceans or even stary nights is beautiful. Those are things I could stare at each day and wonder how did that become.

“Nature didn’t need an operation to be beautiful. It just was.”

–Scot Westerfeld

Doors close to better things

This time last year I had an epiphany that I did not want to become a teacher, I was scared. My three years of study I didn’t feel prepared even though I had numerous compliments from teachers about my teaching style. With no time to change studies without wasting more money, I stayed and added two minors to my degree. I also applied to Teach for America. When I got denied last December I didn’t know what I would do after graduation in May. I did what anyone else do, procrastinate. My mother hounded me and was disappointed in me for wasting 4 years of my life and money that wasn’t hers.

In procrastinating many doors closed but I was hopeful something would pop up. I went to a graduate school fair when I found a program that interests me. I applied for the wrong program, re-applied and misspelled my name. How does someone do that!? It took two months to correct. In doing so I graduated college and was now accepted into my graduate program. I wanted to share with you that doors may close behind you but that doesn’t mean your life is over. Do what you want to and not what the world wants you to. Find people that will support your dreams no matter what. You’ve got to make sure that you do things for yourself to become someone better. Always keep reaching for those stars even if you land on the moon.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

–Winston S. Churchill

The Best Gift I Received…

Over the years I have celebrated Birthdays, Christmas’, Valentines Day, etc.. I’ve had gifts that were hand made and that had a shiny price tag. I never asked for any gifts and only hoped I’d get some. I’m here to share with you what the best gift I was given.

When I graduated college I knew I wouldn’t have my entire family watch me walk the last steps towards my diploma. After my ceremony I found my brothers, mom, step dad, and surprise my biological dad. He flew half way across the country to see his last child graduate. He stayed the weekend to spend time with his children. I was able to spend quality time with my biological dad. The man I knew nothing about. I reconnected with him and miss him. I only spent a few hours with him. I learned that we had similar interests such as astrophysics. He thinks a day is wasted if you don’t learn which is the same as me. I also have light eyes just like him. I wish he lived closer so we could spend more time together and really reconnect.


“Time is your most precious gift because you only have a set amount of it. You can make more money, but you can’t make more time…”

   –Rick Warren

Step One


Here’s to a fresh start. Well more like first attempt at failing. I’ll be up front with you; I’m not funny, or so I’ve been told but my cat begs to differ. I wanted to start a blog to fill some spare time I have recently acquired through some unpleasing circumstances, graduating college. This isn’t the end of my higher education, however, it is a stopping point to enjoy the view.

I can’t promise this blog will change your life if you keep reading or that it will be the cure for a dull day. I can’t even tell you what this blog will contain besides effort on my behalf. Sit back and be prepared to be amazed with the many words that can be written using only 26 letters! Stay tuned for more.


 “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  

                                                                                              —Lao Tzu