Virtual Adventures

Adventures are out there. Where every you are you can see the world. Some days I like to take a left turn instead of right and keep going until I'm lost and then figure out my way back home. Other days when I cannot get out I like to use Roundme App (Androids only, sorry Apple... Continue Reading →


This past year I've realized how attached to technology I was instead of enjoying the moment I was in. Granted I didn't upload things to my social media accounts until I got home to reflect on my day but I still would post it to snapchat. I slowly stopped pushing my photos onto my facebook... Continue Reading →

Step One

  Here’s to a fresh start. Well more like first attempt at failing. I’ll be up front with you; I’m not funny, or so I’ve been told but my cat begs to differ. I wanted to start a blog to fill some spare time I have recently acquired through some unpleasing circumstances, graduating college. This... Continue Reading →

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