This past year I’ve realized how attached to technology I was instead of enjoying the moment I was in. Granted I didn’t upload things to my social media accounts until I got home to reflect on my day but I still would post it to snapchat. I slowly stopped pushing my photos onto my facebook because I wanted to keep these special moments I had to my friends and myself, after all it was our memory not the worlds. I see far too many people taking out their phones to document what has happened or about to happen and post it to facebook, instagram, or twitter, for what? To show other people that you have a life? Who are you trying to prove that you have some exciting life?

I say just live for the moment and savor each photograph. You don’t have to take a photo every time you go out to eat or run to the store or for every cool sunset you happen to see. Enjoy the moment. I am still savoring my graduation photos and many from my last year of college because they mean the world to me and I’m not sure if I’m ready for others to know that.

“Put down your phone, live your life.”



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