Lost Friends

overgrown-path-forest-viewes-treesThis one is for all those who I’ve misplaced over the years. This one is for all the chances I turned down because I simply didn’t want to be involved in something festive. I don’t think an apology is needed however I need to explain myself. Over the years I’ve met some astonishing people of which have slipped from my hands. Our lives changed. We moved away, the semester concluded, no longer co-workers, we are just no longer. From day one I’ve told everyone I’ve come across that if they ever needed someone they knew they could always contact me. In recent days, I’ve realized that I have few friends I stay in contact with daily. This isn’t the first time I’ve pondered on this and the routine that will more than likely happen is me apologizing in hopes to dust off our friendship and become close once more. This time I don’t want to apologize.

I want to communicate. I want to share the lost time forget the mundane stuff and pick up where we left off. I’m always eager to hear what my lost friends have been up to. When this happens it usually lasts a day and then we go our separate ways until either party needs the other. I’m sure over the years I’ve mingled in people’s lives which have in turn didn’t make it much better. My goal in life is to inspire other or shed light to things they didn’t see before. With that being said, I mostly think that I do quite the opposite, why else would they leave? Why point the finger at someone else? None the less the door is always open for them whenever they choose to return or don’t. Holding onto grudge do nothing for you in the long run.

At some point you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.


Movie theater etiquette 

I went to see The Conjouring 2 over the weekend and wanted to write a quick 5 things that you should read before heading out to your next film. The film was brillian, you bet I’m going to purchase the DVD when it is released. 

1. Don’t be the person to use your phone, no matter where you sit! Everyone can see the screen glow in a dark room so please save your Facebook status updates for after the movie.

2. If you buy candy please eat it. Don’t sit there and slowly unravel the candy just get it over with like ripping a band sit off. Your fellow watchers will thank you.

3. If you go to a movie and plan on talking the entire time please don’t go. Save the conversation for after the movie perhaps over food.

4. If you’ve seen the movie before don’t spoil it for the rest by pointing out what is to come.

5. Be mindful of where you sit. If you know you will frequently get up and leave please sit closest to the exit and aisle seat. I don’t like to have my movie interrupted five times.

Interviews: Purpose

Once again I interviewed people and all but one person responded saying that they had a purpose. Now each purpose varied just a bit but when I analyzed the answers they told a similar story. Each of the 20 people I interviewed (10 female, 10 male) wanted to be successful. They wanted to support their family, bring electricity to a third world country, impact people’s lives for the better, and preserve wild life and nature. Two answers stood out to me the most. One came from a young man that said he didn’t have a purpose nor did he care if he found one. He said that you can make your own path so what is the purpose of finding a purpose? Just live life. The other answer came from a young man as well, he said,” That we must find our own purpose and not some trend. Find our passions and turn it into something that brings purpose to our lives. For some it means that we impact others by volunteering or make sacrifices for the greater good of mankind. We must fight for what we believe in and stand for what we want instead of going with that majority. Next is accepting the difference between each other to better the world.”

Our life purpose shouldn’t be the after math because that is what is trending right now. Our purpose should include what we are passionate about. I have several passions and am never truly bored within life. I can always find something interesting to learn about. My purpose I felt at a young age which was when I was 11 years old. I donated my hair one spring break from school after seeing a commercial for locks of love. I was staying with my Godmother and asked her if she could drive me to get a haircut. She demanded I called my mom before I cut my hair and my mother said if that’s what I wanted to do she was okay with it. So from that moment on I’ve donated my hair 4 times. My purpose is to help people. I try to keep on hand some crackers, water bottles, personal hygiene items so when I am out and about and see a homeless person I can hand them a few things and hope they appreciate what I did for them. So, what is your life purpose? Leave it in the comments!


The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.
–Ralph Waldo Emerson



My niece watched in eager as I stepped on a glass plate that then flashed some numbers indicating how much I weigh. She was so excited when I read my numbers of 160 pounds. She jumped and said, “Me next! Me next!” So I cleared the scale and let her step on. I told her to read me the numbers on that she saw, then I said, “You weigh 52 pounds.” She screamed with joy and jumped off the scale. I asked her why she was so happy then she said the darnest thing. “I’m happy I’m 52 pounds because that means I am growing!” I didn’t realize how innocent a five year olds mind was until she said that. While in college I spent hours researching how media affects children’s self-perception but not once did I stop to ask a child for their opinion.

I asked my niece if she thinks I’m pretty she said no I’m beautiful. I then searched google for images of people all different ages and of different cultures and asked if the people in the photos were pretty she said yes. This kept my mind busy for a while because I allowed society to mess up my self-perception which made me not like the three digits that came glared at me in the face. I hope that she remains in this mind set for as long as she can.  This sort of changed my perspective from one of my previous posts about Defining Beauty, feel free to check it out.


“Theres not a thing that I could change ‘Cause you’re amazing just the way you are.
–Bruno Mars

Unrecognized day to day but…

Each day you can do the same thing over and over again. Most of us already do however we tend to accumulate material items and gain experience. Without realizing it six months has passed and you’ve changed in some small way. This happens to everyone. One day I was walking to work and found myself in ‘awe’ because of how much time passed from when I first started working there. When I get moments like these I try to savor the moment because I enjoy looking back too often. It is a constant reminder of who I used to be. I right now don’t feel different than when I did yesterday; however, if I look back to January I can tell you I’ve changed. I feel that I have changed. I think I am crazy because I keep telling myself I’m still the same person. I still have the same mindset. I still have a giving heart. I still have the same ambitions, so then what really changed? I can never find the answer to that question.

I challenge you to think about your daily lives and then think about the person you were say five years ago. Has anything changed? If so what? Was the change good or bad?

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but, when we look back everything is different.

— C.S. Lewis

Chapter 22

I recently watched my friend’s snapchat story (it just so happened to be her birthday), she wrote Chapter 22 begins now. This thought stayed with me for a few days and marinated into one of those deep shower thoughts. It dawned on me that each chapter is roughly 365 days (depending if there is leap year or not). Within that said chapter you change and shape yourself. You can’t remember everything from the beginning because let’s say you just turned 22 on January 1, you’d have 8,186 pages to your story. I’ve read countless books and I can only remember the main points of each book not every scene. This is like life you remember certain moments of your life good, bad, silly, etc… and each of these moments chip away at this marble figure leaving us to discover who we really are.

The earliest memories I have is when my step brother broke my arm at age 3 and my 5th birthday party at the homeless shelter. I don’t remember much more than that from the years 0-5. As my life continued on I began to reveal things about myself such as my passion for helping others which I would say came around the age of 12 when I first donated my hair. Little did I know, that would be something I keep doing. My thirst for knowledge didn’t arrive until I was 18 when my high school French teacher challenged the class with thought provoking questions. Along the way we lose some early memories in order to allow new memories and information to be stored unless we recall certain moments of our lives.

In the process of letting go you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.

–Deepak Chopra

What is Love?

I interviewed a group of people and asked them two questions: what is love? & Do you believe in love? This question stimulated from a book called Chew on Life’s Big Questions? By: Rain Wilson, Devon  Gundry, Golriz Lucina, and Shamnam Mogharabi.I then analyzed the answers which boiled down to love is finding someone that fits with you and makes sacrifices for each other. It is dedication and accepting the other for who they are. They ultimately make your days brighter.  Love is something you can’t buy or ask for it. Love just happens. Only one person said they didn’t believe in love because they believe love is a scam. It is an ingenious marketing strategy for people to pour endless amounts of money in. I then ventured around on the internet to see if I can get any more insight on love outside of the biological stimulation that happen. I visited my favorite YouTube channel: Soulpancake and watched their video called: 0-100 : What is love?  Here’s what I think love is.


First off there are clearly different levels of love. I love pizza. I love my cat. I love my nieces. Each of those loves are extremely different. Which makes me think that, today several people use the world love lightly when it shouldn’t be. Love to me is putting life on hold for someone else. Love is making sacrifices. Love is a powerful stimuli that can push people to do things they wouldn’t normally do. Love has to be reciprocal. Love shouldn’t be something we want to fall in because what is stopping us from falling out of love?

“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.”

–Anaïs Nin