Lost Friends

This one is for all those who I've misplaced over the years. This one is for all the chances I turned down because I simply didn't want to be involved in something festive. I don't think an apology is needed however I need to explain myself. Over the years I've met some astonishing people of … Continue reading Lost Friends

Movie theater etiquette 

I went to see The Conjouring 2 over the weekend and wanted to write a quick 5 things that you should read before heading out to your next film. The film was brillian, you bet I'm going to purchase the DVD when it is released.  1. Don't be the person to use your phone, no … Continue reading Movie theater etiquette 

Interviews: Purpose

Once again I interviewed people and all but one person responded saying that they had a purpose. Now each purpose varied just a bit but when I analyzed the answers they told a similar story. Each of the 20 people I interviewed (10 female, 10 male) wanted to be successful. They wanted to support their … Continue reading Interviews: Purpose


  My niece watched in eager as I stepped on a glass plate that then flashed some numbers indicating how much I weigh. She was so excited when I read my numbers of 160 pounds. She jumped and said, “Me next! Me next!” So I cleared the scale and let her step on. I told … Continue reading Self-perception

Unrecognized day to day but…

Each day you can do the same thing over and over again. Most of us already do however we tend to accumulate material items and gain experience. Without realizing it six months has passed and you’ve changed in some small way. This happens to everyone. One day I was walking to work and found myself … Continue reading Unrecognized day to day but…

Chapter 22

I recently watched my friend’s snapchat story (it just so happened to be her birthday), she wrote Chapter 22 begins now. This thought stayed with me for a few days and marinated into one of those deep shower thoughts. It dawned on me that each chapter is roughly 365 days (depending if there is leap … Continue reading Chapter 22

What is Love?

I interviewed a group of people and asked them two questions: what is love? & Do you believe in love? This question stimulated from a book called Chew on Life’s Big Questions? By: Rain Wilson, Devon  Gundry, Golriz Lucina, and Shamnam Mogharabi.I then analyzed the answers which boiled down to love is finding someone that … Continue reading What is Love?

Small towns vs. City

I come from a large city in Southern California but relocated to a rural, small town, true southern placed called Tennessee. After I graduated high school I attended college in a tri-state city. Living in a small town has its benefits like the endless community support; everyone knows everyone. That being said word travels faster … Continue reading Small towns vs. City

Family a key value

These past few days I’ve been spending some much needed time with my family. I’ve realized as I get older the more I cherish my brothers but I also realize the conversation changes. Once you become an adult you begin to realize everything you believed as a child aren’t true, however I am going to … Continue reading Family a key value