Who am I?


This is a deep philosophical question, that is if you like to enjoy some deep thinking. I watched a ted talk asking Who am I? As I watched the one thing I learned is that no one can tell you who you are and who you aren’t. Biologically speaking your taste buds are replaced every 10 days, red blood cells are replaced about every 4 months, the liver is around 5 months old, the lungs cells renew the surface of them every 2-3 weeks, Your skin is renewed every 2-4 weeks, etc… (According to a U.K. news article). All of this biologically is replaced so does that mean you are still the same as you were a year ago? Yes! Parts of you are replaced biologically but they still make up you. Now you go through life earning memories both good and bad that continuously shape you into the person you see in the mirror. I see far too many people that have been labeled with some medical disorder and they own it as sort of a clutch. I had a friend who said to me once, “….. it’s okay I have ADHD so they will understand.” What is that supposed to mean? I feel like you shouldn’t let a label define you as a person. I know this young girl who is quite intelligent and she has Asperger’s Syndrome (a form of autism, highly functional) and she does not let it define her. She is aware of it and seems to find joy in life. When she can’t handle life and has a bad episode she refuses to blame the syndrome. If she can look past that why can’t we look past the other labels life seems to hand us? Stand back and ask yourself who am I?

“If you can accept the indescribable nature of your true identity, you unveil the mystery of life.”

— Akemi G.

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