The Cube Test

A friend suggested I watch this cube test video. I watched it and well here’s my scene I saw. I saw a small transparent cube plastic or glass lying in the sand. There’s a small ladder made from wood beside the cube. Behind the cube is a wild horse. There are no flowers in the scene from what I can tell. There’s a storm way off in the distant but I’m not afraid at all. So according to this I have a small ego. I am open with people. I’m a grounded person. I am extremely close with my friends and have strong bonds with people. I like wilder relationships. I don’t want kids, well I’m not thinking about kids. I’m not stressed about what is to come.

I find these results are sort of accurate. Now usually I don’t mess with personality quizzes especially if I have to choose answers that are already chosen (if that makes sense). This one I found interesting because it was fairly accurate I suppose. I don’t have a large ego and I am an honest person who likes to talk to a lot of people. The friends I do have and keep up with we are extremely close. This stuff is nothing new about how I see myself because I already knew all of this. I test myself and see what kind of person I am so I am always in check with me. I feel that we should retest ourselves to make sure we are the same person we hope to be.

I challenge you now to watch The Cube Test video and see if you find out anything interesting about yourself. Feel free to comment on your results. Don’t forget to subscribe!


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