Failing to strive

As I continue to be a better human I realize that failure is needed. I think it actually should be a requirement. That sounds bad but just stay with me as I explain myself. Here is an example, say everything I have worked for was granted for me which made me succeed in life without having to fail at anything. I was simply great at everything. What happens when I fail for the first time? My world comes crashing down because I had this mindset that I was invincible. I would be devastated. Now here is another example of me not being good at everything I attempt. When I do finally succeed, that success is so much sweeter. If you haven’t heard but many successful and influential people have failed and look what happened to them? They kept trying they didn’t give up.

I recently picked up painting because it seems so fun to hang a creation on the wall. I soon realized that I’m not Picasso or even a novice painter. I kept calling my paintings of randomness crap. A good friend of mine kept saying it was good and takes practice [He’s a Graphic Designer and has painted before]. I still paint but for fun. The other day I wanted to paint a turtle so I drew one and I didn’t like the way it turned out. He liked it. From this I realized at least I tried. I can say I’m not the best person when it comes to given topics but I will try. That is one quality I enjoy about myself. When it comes to enhancing myself I will try, and so should you. Below my attempt at a turtle, yes he is wearing a top hat [sorry for the bad quality].


“You never fail until you stop trying.”

–Albert Einstein


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