Quality Time Leads to….

In recent days I’ve had the honor to spend my time with my five year old niece. We spend most of our days outside playing frisbee and soccer. As the sunsets we try to catch fireflies. Then I read her a story before bed. When we take breaks inside during the day my niece plays in her room. How she plays is how I played at her age. I was interested in the same things she was. I told my parents I couldn’t handle it if I had a child of my own growing up so quickly. I often ask my niece who her favorite person is and she will always say me, her Auntie Lolly. I can only help her grow into a better person by teaching her new things. Recently I taught her about Gravity and how it keeps her on Earth, and how sometimes gravity just pushed me on to her while she is laying down. I know she may not recall these times with me but I will try my best to tell her when she is my age.


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