Small towns vs. City

I come from a large city in Southern California but relocated to a rural, small town, true southern placed called Tennessee. After I graduated high school I attended college in a tri-state city. Living in a small town has its benefits like the endless community support; everyone knows everyone. That being said word travels faster than light, I’d have to say, in a small town. When my brother had a car accident word was out quickly. My brother received visitors from his technical school instructors and their pastors checking to see how he was doing. Living in a large city you are lucky to get your neighbor to check on you, if you know your neighbor that is. It seems that we live within feet of people and they are complete strangers, sad isn’t it? There’s more things to do in a large city because of the demand. In my small town crime seems to be worse than it is here but that’s just because I hear about it often where as if it happened here I wouldn’t hear about it until I picked up a newspaper or turned on the news; even then I wouldn’t know everything that happened in the city. Now if I had to choose between small town or city, well it’s a tough call for me. I love them equally. Being able to walk outside and not see cars passing by your house as you mow the lawn is great. The down fall is having to drive 20 minutes to a store. Unless, I want large stores and a mall that’s a good hour away, it sort of feels like endless road trips. Living in the city everything is sort of close by. Go in any direction and I guarantee you will find what you are looking for within 5 minutes. I believe that a child should grow up in a diverse environment because they will be more open minded to different people when they get older. Plus growing up in a small town wouldn’t be fun because you know everything about that person and their family by the time you reach high school therefore you aren’t exposed to many fresh ideas.

It takes a village to raise a child.

–African Proverb


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