Chapter 22

I recently watched my friend’s snapchat story (it just so happened to be her birthday), she wrote Chapter 22 begins now. This thought stayed with me for a few days and marinated into one of those deep shower thoughts. It dawned on me that each chapter is roughly 365 days (depending if there is leap year or not). Within that said chapter you change and shape yourself. You can’t remember everything from the beginning because let’s say you just turned 22 on January 1, you’d have 8,186 pages to your story. I’ve read countless books and I can only remember the main points of each book not every scene. This is like life you remember certain moments of your life good, bad, silly, etc… and each of these moments chip away at this marble figure leaving us to discover who we really are.

The earliest memories I have is when my step brother broke my arm at age 3 and my 5th birthday party at the homeless shelter. I don’t remember much more than that from the years 0-5. As my life continued on I began to reveal things about myself such as my passion for helping others which I would say came around the age of 12 when I first donated my hair. Little did I know, that would be something I keep doing. My thirst for knowledge didn’t arrive until I was 18 when my high school French teacher challenged the class with thought provoking questions. Along the way we lose some early memories in order to allow new memories and information to be stored unless we recall certain moments of our lives.

In the process of letting go you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.

–Deepak Chopra


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