My niece watched in eager as I stepped on a glass plate that then flashed some numbers indicating how much I weigh. She was so excited when I read my numbers of 160 pounds. She jumped and said, “Me next! Me next!” So I cleared the scale and let her step on. I told her to read me the numbers on that she saw, then I said, “You weigh 52 pounds.” She screamed with joy and jumped off the scale. I asked her why she was so happy then she said the darnest thing. “I’m happy I’m 52 pounds because that means I am growing!” I didn’t realize how innocent a five year olds mind was until she said that. While in college I spent hours researching how media affects children’s self-perception but not once did I stop to ask a child for their opinion.

I asked my niece if she thinks I’m pretty she said no I’m beautiful. I then searched google for images of people all different ages and of different cultures and asked if the people in the photos were pretty she said yes. This kept my mind busy for a while because I allowed society to mess up my self-perception which made me not like the three digits that came glared at me in the face. I hope that she remains in this mind set for as long as she can.  This sort of changed my perspective from one of my previous posts about Defining Beauty, feel free to check it out.


“Theres not a thing that I could change ‘Cause you’re amazing just the way you are.
–Bruno Mars

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