Movie theater etiquette 

I went to see The Conjouring 2 over the weekend and wanted to write a quick 5 things that you should read before heading out to your next film. The film was brillian, you bet I’m going to purchase the DVD when it is released. 

1. Don’t be the person to use your phone, no matter where you sit! Everyone can see the screen glow in a dark room so please save your Facebook status updates for after the movie.

2. If you buy candy please eat it. Don’t sit there and slowly unravel the candy just get it over with like ripping a band sit off. Your fellow watchers will thank you.

3. If you go to a movie and plan on talking the entire time please don’t go. Save the conversation for after the movie perhaps over food.

4. If you’ve seen the movie before don’t spoil it for the rest by pointing out what is to come.

5. Be mindful of where you sit. If you know you will frequently get up and leave please sit closest to the exit and aisle seat. I don’t like to have my movie interrupted five times.

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