Quality Time Leads to….

In recent days I've had the honor to spend my time with my five year old niece. We spend most of our days outside playing frisbee and soccer. As the sunsets we try to catch fireflies. Then I read her a story before bed. When we take breaks inside during the day my niece plays... Continue Reading →

Luck be a Lady?

I interviewed people once again this time asking them if they thought they were lucky. I interviewed 25 people. It was a close call 13 people said they considered themselves lucky and 12 said they didn’t. For both yes and no answers people mentioned karma. People said, “No, I’m not lucky because everything happens for... Continue Reading →

What happiness is…

I interviewed strangers and asked them what happiness is to them. There was a slight pattern with each answer. They each mentioned something about being comfortable with themselves and smiling.A few said living in the moment. Someone mentioned that happiness is success. I refuted this statement because people can be happy that aren't successful. Quite... Continue Reading →

10 Things I wasn’t told about Adulting

1] Don’t be in a rush. Stop and enjoy life when you can instead of always rushing to do something especially if it can wait. 2] Being successful doesn’t mean you have to be the first person to finish or find a cure. 3] Hard work and dedication can bring you closer to achieving your dreams. Chase after... Continue Reading →


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