Music ties the past to the future

Back about six years ago I was in band camp rehearsing for the upcoming football season and band competitions. We had a guest instructor to teach us different techniques about playing. He said," Notes are just ink on a page. You have to play the notes with emotion to make it music." Music can have … Continue reading Music ties the past to the future

Tips for Writing

This post has been in my draft section for quite some time. I’ve been rummaging through old workshop papers, reading old e-mails from poets, and listening to a wide array of writers in order to make a list worthy of sharing. I’ve been to a few workshops ranging from essays, short stories, to poetry. Here … Continue reading Tips for Writing

Lean on me

Take my hands for they are too free for me. Keep them strong in these foreign lands. Take my ears for they yearn to listen. Don’t disappear I won’t utter a word. Take my arms they are invulnerable. Smolder into them for they ease the pain. Take my language the words are powerful. Use keywords, … Continue reading Lean on me


Always a passenger never the driver. Looking for adventure yet never wanting to take control. Aiming for the ocean never felt right. Yellow lines keep me grounded, sounds of passing cars left me wandering. Always a driver never the passenger. Lost within the valley curves, one last turn until I'm never a driver again, Always … Continue reading Journey

Trending: Hand writing Tag

Hey everyone on top of my regular posting (which will be later today. I have to work out a few more things before it's ready to be published to stay tuned!). I was tagged by crystalamay, thank you. Please feel free to check out her blog. So here is my hand writing, I must apologize … Continue reading Trending: Hand writing Tag


I’d like to share a story about my first thunderstorm I ever experienced. I was about 5 years old. My mother was working and the babysitter put a movie on to distract me and my brothers from the storm. I hear a loud noise and started to cry. I saw flashes outside the window and … Continue reading Storms

Guests to Family..A Part of my Childhood

First please excuse the not so good photo of my childhood home. An old family friend snapped this photo a few years ago. When I was younger my mom looked out for many people she came across because they also looked out for her. My mom said, “Always give what you can, when you can. … Continue reading Guests to Family..A Part of my Childhood

Zoo trips

As I continue to improve my photography I cannot help but to revisit past snapshots. The photo above was taken in the fall of 2012. At the time I thought nothing of the photograph until I started to edit it and realize how powerful a photograph can be. This was my second zoo visit but … Continue reading Zoo trips