Recommendaiton Letters

In recent days I’ve had to ask many people write me a few recommendation letters for various things such as graduate school, graduate assistanships, manager positions, and teaching positions. I was able to read two of the recommendation letters for a manager position I applied for. I’ve always wanted to know what people truly thought about me and that was my opportunity to see how others see me. I wasn’t disappointed.

I constantly think down about myself for many reasons. I have some confidence in different areas but when it comes to giving myself credit, for example as being a hard worker I don’t think I am the hardest worker. Upon reading these two letters of recommendation I smiled and cried tears of joy because I finally understand how others perceive me. I am exactly who I want to me. Granted there is a huge amount of space for improvement but as of now I can’t complain at all. I am only twenty two years young so I still have time to grow into a better human. I don’t normally like to ask people what they think about me because I believe that they will just be polite and say the nice things instead of really telling me the truth as to how they feel about me.

We must lay one brick at a time, take one step at a time.

–Dorthy Day


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