Back on Track

I must apologize for missing out on a few days of my normal posting schedule. The holiday has kept me busy as well as life in general. This post is going to be about some updates and personal thoughts that have been cooking in my brain. First off, I changed my phone background image from the lizard in Tangled to a photo of Good Dinosaur and his friend spot (if you haven’t seen the movie you should). The photo inspires me that anything is possible and that I need to face my fears. I’ve spent some time listening to my favorite poet perform her poems. I’ve witnessed the love of two friends break apart like the west Berlin wall. I’ve written a new poem and have more in the works just haven’t found the right words to convey my message. Last week I sprained my ankle and my five-year old niece took care of me. She refused to let me do anything on my own. I’ve added a new aspiration to my long list which is to carry the Olympic torch. Come to think of it I probably should keep a list of my aspirations. For upcoming posts I have planned are Interview: What inspires you?, a poem or two, Facing my Fear of…., and much more! I hope this week to get back on track.


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