Language is a beautiful

The more I practice my writing skills the more I realize how each word is vital. I also realized how my word choices effects the response the other people will give. If I simply ask What’s up? I’ll most likely receive nothing much. However if I ask What are you doing? I’ll generate a more genuine answer. When I write poetry I’m often too focused on the word choice that my message becomes uncertain or muddy. One summer I spent searching words for hours. I was consumed by the English language. I studied how others speak, I read the dictionary and wrote out the words I was reading. Which folks isn’t the best way to learn new words. The best advice that I can give you is to write with your own style. Borrow styles from other authors until you’ve created your own. I’m 22 years old and I dislike using any profanity because I know far better words to convey my message that get the same affect. Plus, I now have memories of when I do use profanity in front of people. Their faces are priceless. After they processed what I said they beg me to never use profanity again because they know how much I love language. I was blessed to be a natural English speaker. The downfall is I am a single language learner. Sure, I can read french and muddle my way around the language but I’m not fluent in another language. All languages are beautiful. My advice for you is to speak how you choose not because it is the new trend and you want to be apart of the majority. There is beauty in being yourself.


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