Who inspires you?

I interviewed 20 people and asked them who or what inspired them? and why or how did they inspire them? The results weren’t too surprising. Here are some of the responses for who or what inspires them: Steven Spielberg, Kevin Sinfeild, Steven Gerrard, Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Robin Williams, Steve Irwin, some family members. When I analyzed the reason why those people inspired them it came down to that each one of those people looked past the bad and pushed to improve the life around them. Some people mentioned that who inspired them had similar values as they did and strive to be similar in some ways. One particular answer stood out to me which has left me wondering. One person said, “What inspires me is that there is always room. Room for improvement to make a better me. I’d like to inspire others to not be sheep in the world.” This lead me into thinking about trends and how many of us are quick to jump on the band wagon because we don’t want to feel left out.
What inspires me? I’d say people that go above and beyond to help someone and people who chase after their dreams. I’m always chasing some sort of dream and once I reach it I’ve already got another dream in mind. When I started to workout I found a goal which was to run a 5k. I found two personal trainers that improved the world and that inspired me to push myself to my limits. As soon as I crossed that finish line and saw my mom I said to her, “Next year I’ll run the 10 miler.” Due to unforeseen events and me injuring myself I wasn’t able to participate in this years 10 miler race however I still have a dream of completing a marathon. Always striving for a new goal. I came across a YouTube video I thought I would share with you from America’s Got Talent. (Click America’s Got Talent to see the video). The video shows a 90 year old woman named Dorothy from Hawaii chasing after her dreams which is to be a star. Her message is inspiring. It shows that no matter how old you are you still can chase after your dreams.

When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.

–Paulo Coelho

Language is a beautiful

The more I practice my writing skills the more I realize how each word is vital. I also realized how my word choices effects the response the other people will give. If I simply ask What’s up? I’ll most likely receive nothing much. However if I ask What are you doing? I’ll generate a more genuine answer. When I write poetry I’m often too focused on the word choice that my message becomes uncertain or muddy. One summer I spent searching words for hours. I was consumed by the English language. I studied how others speak, I read the dictionary and wrote out the words I was reading. Which folks isn’t the best way to learn new words. The best advice that I can give you is to write with your own style. Borrow styles from other authors until you’ve created your own. I’m 22 years old and I dislike using any profanity because I know far better words to convey my message that get the same affect. Plus, I now have memories of when I do use profanity in front of people. Their faces are priceless. After they processed what I said they beg me to never use profanity again because they know how much I love language. I was blessed to be a natural English speaker. The downfall is I am a single language learner. Sure, I can read french and muddle my way around the language but I’m not fluent in another language. All languages are beautiful. My advice for you is to speak how you choose not because it is the new trend and you want to be apart of the majority. There is beauty in being yourself.

Back on Track

I must apologize for missing out on a few days of my normal posting schedule. The holiday has kept me busy as well as life in general. This post is going to be about some updates and personal thoughts that have been cooking in my brain. First off, I changed my phone background image from the lizard in Tangled to a photo of Good Dinosaur and his friend spot (if you haven’t seen the movie you should). The photo inspires me that anything is possible and that I need to face my fears. I’ve spent some time listening to my favorite poet perform her poems. I’ve witnessed the love of two friends break apart like the west Berlin wall. I’ve written a new poem and have more in the works just haven’t found the right words to convey my message. Last week I sprained my ankle and my five-year old niece took care of me. She refused to let me do anything on my own. I’ve added a new aspiration to my long list which is to carry the Olympic torch. Come to think of it I probably should keep a list of my aspirations. For upcoming posts I have planned are Interview: What inspires you?, a poem or two, Facing my Fear of…., and much more! I hope this week to get back on track.

Recommendaiton Letters

In recent days I’ve had to ask many people write me a few recommendation letters for various things such as graduate school, graduate assistanships, manager positions, and teaching positions. I was able to read two of the recommendation letters for a manager position I applied for. I’ve always wanted to know what people truly thought about me and that was my opportunity to see how others see me. I wasn’t disappointed.

I constantly think down about myself for many reasons. I have some confidence in different areas but when it comes to giving myself credit, for example as being a hard worker I don’t think I am the hardest worker. Upon reading these two letters of recommendation I smiled and cried tears of joy because I finally understand how others perceive me. I am exactly who I want to me. Granted there is a huge amount of space for improvement but as of now I can’t complain at all. I am only twenty two years young so I still have time to grow into a better human. I don’t normally like to ask people what they think about me because I believe that they will just be polite and say the nice things instead of really telling me the truth as to how they feel about me.

We must lay one brick at a time, take one step at a time.

–Dorthy Day