Help! Fellow Community!

Hey folks I’ve had this idea sort of boiling in my kitchen of thought for a while but I am not quite sure how to go about it. So, here it is, I’d like to show case some writers. I would want to give the writers perhaps a few questions or words as to the … Continue reading Help! Fellow Community!

One Last Time

Those rosey words leave your delicate lips, stinging my insides like a rattle snake victim. Your intimidating touch crumbles my life, I push through knowing I’ll never make it. Fate lectured upon arrival. I glue what’s left of my rubble life needing to be whole once more. Prancing about the day like a joker you … Continue reading One Last Time

New Chapter

Last week I embarked on a new journey. I started my Graduate Assistantship for my University. I am over the moon excited to start a new chapter in my life. This week was the start of school for my University. While I was in my office the rest of campus was welcoming new students. My … Continue reading New Chapter

Galaxy Eyes

​She had eyes like diabolical super novas. They were picked apart One too many times yet-- Dark with ultra violets and gamma rays With neurons firing. All those colors-- Colors that didnt exist wrapped me like vines. I tangled and wrapped even struggled as I let it happen, all the shiny things dangle there before me. I … Continue reading Galaxy Eyes

Missed opportunities 

​New opportunities are in front of us but perhaps we aren’t seeing all the options because we have tunnel vision. Being open minded to new things and opportunities will help you in the long run. This also will help you being less stressed and confined. Most college students believe that if they major in (for … Continue reading Missed opportunities 


​Once I was on top of the world Glancing down to find your sound. That sweet melody echoed Through the plaza. I watched you play from afar Begging you to keep playing As the sun set behind you. Now when I'm on top of the world I seek your sound only To find your ghost … Continue reading Ghost


Beeline branches clutch the stem left mute. Ringlets dress Auburn leaves, The asphalt burns my sweaty roots Heavy rusted winds dilute, untrimmed trails push aside to deceive, Beeline branches clutch, the stem left mute. Birds nestle, bunnies substitute tender holes flutter as I disbelieve, The asphalt burns my sweaty roots. Ringlets leak quondam bruit rugged … Continue reading Nature