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Worthy Words

There’s an old woman in my head telling me to keep going, even when I don’t have any ideas. She doesn’t like when I say, “I am not a writer.” This seems absurd but my workshop instructor instilled this old woman in my head. We all are writers, either public or private, none the less writers. We start from a blank page then throw it away once you notice your writing has gone wrong. Then you pick up another piece. You keep writing. I believe all writers want their work to be read eventually. An analogy I thought of was a soldier one who has honored his country receives medals when he comes home. A writer decorates a page full of memories to be read 10 years from now when we finally come home. With our words we commemorate a worthy life that should be honored. Look at Emily Dickens, her words became published only after she had passed away. She is still a relevant author to this day. Never stop writing.
Pen to paper,
cross the t’s,
dot the i’s.

Pen to paper,
mark those words
to be my last.

Paper to crumble,
trash those words
I can do better.

Uncrumble in hand,
read those words,
my story is told.


2 thoughts on “Worthy Words

  1. I’m just about to start writing my post and now I’m smiling as I look down at my words, those first crucial paragraphs written down with my trusty black gel pen, some parts crossed out, others outlined for later, a story coming to life…thank you for your very encouraging post!

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