Be Your…

Be your biggest fan. This morning I was stumbling my way through the internet and came across a quote that read, “Be your biggest fan.” After some thought I wanted to share this message with you. You should be your biggest fan. You are the one that is pushing yourself to do what you enjoy. When you cross that goal or finish line you should celebrate more than the others because all that dedication has paid off. This reminds me of when I completed my first race. If I wasn’t at work or in class I was at the gym preparing myself for that race. The day of the race I recall me talking to myself. It was me that kept me running towards the finish line. It wasn’t the people on the side lines cheering me on, it was me.

Don’t be afraid to try something new just because there is a possibility it might not work out the way you want. Try something new because you won’t know what you enjoy doing until you try. No matter what you face in life keep believing in yourself; after all, You are your biggest fan.

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