New Chapter

Last week I embarked on a new journey. I started my Graduate Assistantship for my University. I am over the moon excited to start a new chapter in my life. This week was the start of school for my University. While I was in my office the rest of campus was welcoming new students. My first day of class is Wednesday night which I am nervous for. I ordered my books my poor wallet hasn’t suffered this much in a long time. In writing today’s post I realized that saying new chapters in life doesn’t mean that the old ones are all closed. To me I see it as that I am progressively working towards making all my chapters unify. It can be difficult to do so. Progression is the key to improvement I believe. I hope you have had a wonderful Monday.

I think I am going to start adding some photos about my day to day life. I was inspired by Crystalamay because when I see parts of her world I realize how different our lives are. I would like to share that with you all. If you think you would be interested in doing this then please leave a comment saying so or stay tuned later this week for my first photo.
*Bonus: The featured image is my new office*


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