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Help! Fellow Community!

Hey folks I’ve had this idea sort of boiling in my kitchen of thought for a while but I am not quite sure how to go about it. So, here it is, I’d like to show case some writers. I would want to give the writers perhaps a few questions or words as to the direction of their piece but the meat and potatoes is completely up to the writer. Yes, you will be credited for all your work. You all are wonderful writers, I encourage you all to keep writing, I would like to show case your work. If this is something you would like to participate in please feel free to contact me in the comment section or even e-mail me at: writing.natural@yahoo.com.

Also, is having a social media account necessary? If so, which do you think is essential?


9 thoughts on “Help! Fellow Community!

  1. Sounds like you might want to do interviews. Some people solicit writers interested and forward a brief questionnaire about them and their work, then post the interview with excerpts or a link to their writing, Angela. Is that what you are thinking?

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    • I don’t think that is quite what I had in mind. More like the daily post challenges. They give a prompt and people write however they’d like. I’d want to feature the writers and what they developed using that key word or even question


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