Golden Years

This morning as I  ran the song Kids by One Republic played and made me think about age. I thought about when I was child, if I ever wanted to grow old. I didn’t have a desire to ever learn how to drive a car. I didn’t want to own my own place and leave my … Continue reading Golden Years

The Land Called Elsewhere

Beneath the surface of words trees speak wisdom. Inside the meaning of existence flowers blossom. Over the land of tears the ocean breathes. On the horizon of time giant tortoises rest. After the rain of memories elephants rejoice. Amongst the cloudless sky winds whisper. Found in the dream of harmony, the land called Elsewhere. image … Continue reading The Land Called Elsewhere


Nerves on edge, he gazes at her While her eyes, wander the room. She tells her story with a graceful smile. He watches her every move in slow motion. The candles disappear as they talk for hours. She laughs at him he smiles back. As he walks her home he holds her hand then kisses … Continue reading Romance


I hold one thumb to earth, covering it -- poof the earth is gone, just as I did on earth, with the moon. Here I stand on an Estranged uninhabited rock. Silence never felt so quite; loneliness now a new high. There I saw the earth, in all her beauty. My life is there but, … Continue reading Lunar

Who knew

Him and I had 16 cheese sticks before shopping. Four days before Christmas. He bought his fiancé diamond earrings, his son a remote control car, he was never this excited. We got back home unloaded the gifts and opened a puzzle. He left to see his fiancé, the house stood quite time ticked by. The … Continue reading Who knew

Time the resource

This week I learned something important about time. We all have the same 24 hours within a day. No one gets a minute or even second more (if you’re on Earth). Our lifetimes may not be the same amount of time but each day is 24 hours long. Time is a precious resource, more than … Continue reading Time the resource

How to become a blogging Champ

I cannot say that I am a professional blogger. I can say that I am still a rookie, however, I’ve noticed various things more successful bloggers do. I’d like to share with my followers some good rules to follow as they continue to climb the many stairs of the blogging world. *Note the examples I … Continue reading How to become a blogging Champ


Black and white are his colors. His lips sealed shut, eyes blacked out. Quirky moves with awkward stares. Popping balloons, Hand mitten love affairs. Silence just never was this funny. His different ways deem him weird yet his silent acts still storm the comedy house. If you haven't seen any of Tape Face's acts feel … Continue reading Silence

I never thought…

I’d live past the age eighteen, Due to an irrational fear of driving. I now drive every day, I’m 22 years young. I’d love to read again I stopped reading in third grade Now I read one book every month. I’d find a new home, because I love my family. I now live two hours … Continue reading I never thought…