Four days a week I cross tracks. These tracks are the home to many trains. Trains that are always coming and going on the path that was laid by men. At the time, they were working to benefit the future (paving the way for the future). These tracks slice a University in two. Over 100 years since the University opened yet no plan for a better commute until this year. The University developed a milti-million dollar land bridge to compliment campus. The train is no longer needed for transporting students. The train is now for resources. In a few years the tracks will not be an obstacle any longer because we’ve found a way to make the tracks “invisible”.  Should we just overlook what hard working men developed many years ago in order to make our lives more efficient?

My challenge to you is to stop and think about your daily life and how it was improved by people you’ve never met. Stop and appreciate them for their hard work. Examples I’ve found in my life are:

  • My house
  • The roads I drive on
  • Electricity that powers majority of what I use now.
  • Improved communications so that I could share these thoughts over the cyber world.

There are many ways that people you’ve never met that have benefited you.
Image source is from my personal collection of photography.



2 thoughts on “Tracks

    • Interesting view. I cannot say I’ve thought about it until someone mentions it or I’m watching a well produced film. I was in Best Buy last week looking at 4k tvs and noticed how crispy the image was. I couldn’t believe how far we’ve come from fuzzy black and white televisions that had huge backs to these crispy thing televisions.

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