Who knew

Him and I had 16 cheese sticks
before shopping.
Four days before Christmas.

He bought his fiancé diamond earrings,
his son a remote control car,
he was never this excited.

We got back home
unloaded the gifts
and opened a puzzle.

He left to see his fiancé,
the house stood quite
time ticked by.

The phone rang
panic was in mothers voice
there was an accident.

The car went air born,
landed in a ditch,
his leg pinned by the door.

Family rushed home
picked me and his fiancé up
off we were to the ER.

Hours passed in the waiting room,
the news came back,
he broke his leg.

He had surgery the next morning,
put in ICU for two days,
due to fluid on his lungs.

Fluid subsided, he awoke
I lived in the ICU,
Christmas wasn’t the same.

The rescue crew said,
he’s lucky to be alive.
That night he had,
a guardian angel
on his side.

This happened in 2015. My brother was in an awful car accident, the photo that is the feature image is the car. He walked away with a broken leg…Actually, he walked away with a titanium rod in his leg, so he is now a cyborg, haha.


3 thoughts on “Who knew

  1. Accidents are just like nightmare but worse because they are real. My elder sis was involved in one last year and thanks be to God she is fully recovered and all broken bones are healed. But it was like are shock, terrible.! But I thank God your brother is alive to tell the story because the pic of the car looks horrific. May God protect us Amen. God bless 😊

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