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Golden Years

This morning as I  ran the song Kids by One Republic played and made me think about age. I thought about when I was child, if I ever wanted to grow old. I didn’t have a desire to ever learn how to drive a car. I didn’t want to own my own place and leave my brothers and mother. I did however, want to go to college. I did want to become a lawyer (I still do). In the song it says “… I swear we’ll never change…. I refuse to look back thinking days were better just because they’re younger days….” I do remember saying that I’d never change. Now, look at me. I learned the constantly morphing into a better human is essential.

I watched a video over the summer it’s called Timeless: 50 People 1 Question by the Jubillee Project. The video demonstrates that most kids want to be older because they receive more freedom’s and the age is glorified through media and family. While, adults wanted to be younger because they had no responsibilities and being a child wasn’t bad. Personally, I wouldn’t want to change my age because being a child had its great moments but there were also some rough patches too. Such as me being a complete tomboy versus being educated on how appearance effects the way the world perceives you. These moments we have now are the golden years.

Advice from the Julibee Project:

  • Embrace everything you can about your life as it is right now.
  • You aren’t really missing out on anything.
  • Don’t rush through life because at some point they could become a blur. We don’t want to go through life with regrets so exist in every moment.
  • Being and elder is considered the autumn years of your life. Always remember how beautiful autumn is.

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3 thoughts on “Golden Years

  1. I wish I was older! I wish I was younger! You will be older, and you were younger. One is something you will have, the other is something you did have. Meaning, it is time to want to be your age . The rest will follow.


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