Help! Does Money Talk?

In recent days I’ve been handling some family issues along with attending a conference for Behavior Analysts. None of this really is relevant however while I attended the conference I noticed someone had dropped a few coins. I waited an hour or so before picking them up. It was a couple pennies. Why wouldn’t anyone pick up a penny? Now I wondered what if that was a dollar bill? Or even five dollar bill? So I developed this poll for your intake. Once the poll concludes I’ll reveal the results in another post. Image Source.

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Life’s Battles

My words aren’t meant to brag about my life or degrade another’s life. My words are meant to give light and show appreciation to the world that surrounds each and every one of us. In recent days, I’ve realized how different everyone’s problem is. Some of the battles you are facing may seem dumb (for the lack of a better word) to me. Where some of my battles I’m facing you couldn’t imagine facing. If that happens I often get called brave or wow, there is some good left in the world. Yes, I’ve been homeless for a part of my life, I’ve had to go without food, I didn’t always get new school clothes when I was younger, I grew up in a mobile home. Yes, that’s my life. Many ask how am I so positive.

The truth is I’ve seen what negativity does and discovered that being positive and stepping up to the plate makes life seem bearable. My mom taught me about the golden rule, “Treat others how you want to be treated.” That’s my life motto. Several people have given me opportunities, food, money, etc… to help me out. The least I could do is to pay it forward even if I am mistreated, the door is never closed.

If there is something that I want, you to take away from this brief read it’s that everyone faces a battle. Think about your battles and think about the worst case about your battle. See which you would rather have.

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Writing Natural Name & Slogan

Pale Blue Dot

Tiny blue dot,
that’s where we live.

Here I feel so mighty,
yet my voice is unheard.
I dare to inspire yet,
does that matter?

Pale blue dot,
that’s where we live.

Compare my time here,
to the universe, you’ll see
I’ve only existed for one second.
That’s the relativity of time.

Tiny blue dot,
that’s where we live.
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Writing Natural Name & Slogan

Reasons to Read My Blog

Hey folks, I asked a friend of mine this week to give me 5 reasons why I am lucky for the friendship I have with this person. I figured I would answer 5 reasons as to why you should read my blog.

  1. It’s personal. Majority of the things you read are personal experiences I’ve went through in life. I try to let my past inspire me to change the future of tomorrow.
  2. My blog is diverse. I am an open minded individual and try to keep my posts diverse. Instead of having a strict poetry blog I change it up with some personal stories/insights, guest bloggers, daily posts, etc…
  3. Posts are brief. Well with the exception of the guest blogs I post. I work at least 20 hours a week on top of grad school. I am a busy body, that being said I try to keep things brief not only for my sake but yours as well.
  4. Fresh Views. When I write I try to bring a fresh new perspective to unconventional things most of us would overlook.
  5. I believe in my words. I feel that for someone to sit behind a computer a write all day should believe in their work. Believe that it should be read by the public.

*Please note that I simply encourage you fellow readers to read and enjoy my blog when you are able to.* 

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Guest Blogger bluevibesblog

Today’s guest blogger is Leopoldo De Samaniego (yeah, a mouthful, I get that a lot).His blog site is called bluevibesblog. He likes to release how he is feeling. He’s been wanting to talk about music which he does and he wants to start publishing his short stories.

He started his blog because his brother started a blog. Leopoldo said, “I’ve been craving a platform to express myself, so maybe 4 days after he started his own blog I started my own. I saw his views were like 100-200, then thought, “I could do that, but better.” And I did, he usually posts, like maybe once a month-ish, but I took it more serious as I’ve started using my site as a more serious platform to get my word and work out there.”

He would like to achieve from his blog is getting his wisdom and personal work out into the world. He wants to write in a serious manner but to also keep it fun and interesting. He states, “I want to be known, but not make it feel like a job and force myself to do it, which will start making it not feel as fun.” When he isn’t busy he likes to relax and adventure around his city.


His advice to all who are reading this is: “Follow your dream, improve every day, dedicate sometime to what your hobby is and make your hobby into something serious if you want to take it to the next level. I always thought those whole “follow your dreams” “you can do it” quotes are really corny and bullshitty but really, yeah, that’s what it is and what it’s about. Do what you love, keep it fun, and do it well. My momma always told me if I wanted to do something, do it right and be the best at it.”

Leopoldo wants to write a novel or two. However, it sounds easier than actually getting around to starting. He said, “Just the thought you’re actually about to do this real big thing — well at least big in your (my) head — is scary. It’s like wanting to go parachuting but then regretting it last minute once you’re already up in the plane and you basically have no alternative, sorta embarrassing to ask to come back, wouldn’t you think?”

I couldn’t agree more with him. The intimidation I get from facing a blank page always scares me which is one reason why I try to avoid blank pages as much as possible. In my office at work I have a folder filled with paper that can be recycled and mostly used on one side. So I take those papers and start writing, it calms me.

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Beneath your feet

What is underground? How far does one have to dig to be underground? What Is under the underground? What story does the underground know that I don’t? I found myself in Florida for an unfortunate family gathering where I met my mother’s side of the family. All the voices I heard over the phone for years are now people. My cousin gave my brother and I a small tour of St. Augustine. As we walked I noticed bricks that were engraved with names and I was confused. Was this where people had fought and died? Was this our way to honor them?

Beneath your feet
a life was taken,
to make room for yours
yet their legacy lives on.

Flash forward to me searching for a grave on a spring day. I wondered what secrets the underground held. What happened here before this was dedicated as a memorial park. Constantly society is shaping but what story lies beneath the fabricated stores, the asphalt roads, the train tracks, what is the story? Our history is within these roots do we learn from them or pave over them in hope to bury the hatchet?

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I wait for
test grades,
red lights,
the microwave ding.

I wait for
the callout of lottery numbers,
the doctor’s words,
the plot twist,

I wait for
the right time to say ‘I love you’,
the time to ask for your hand,
our child’s arrival.

I wait for
time to stop,
the moment until we reunite.

Life is about waiting but in the moments of waiting we should enjoy everything in between. Often enough when I sit in waiting rooms I think about life inside a waiting room. We each are given a number and until that number is called we wait and experience life within that time. Somethings in life shouldn’t wait because tomorrow is not guaranteed but today is. So, what are you waiting for?