Help! Does Money Talk?

In recent days I've been handling some family issues along with attending a conference for Behavior Analysts. None of this really is relevant however while I attended the conference I noticed someone had dropped a few coins. I waited an hour or so before picking them up. It was a couple pennies. Why wouldn't anyone … Continue reading Help! Does Money Talk?

Life’s Battles

My words aren’t meant to brag about my life or degrade another’s life. My words are meant to give light and show appreciation to the world that surrounds each and every one of us. In recent days, I’ve realized how different everyone’s problem is. Some of the battles you are facing may seem dumb (for … Continue reading Life’s Battles

Pale Blue Dot

Tiny blue dot, that’s where we live. Here I feel so mighty, yet my voice is unheard. I dare to inspire yet, does that matter? Pale blue dot, that’s where we live. Compare my time here, to the universe, you’ll see I’ve only existed for one second. That’s the relativity of time. Tiny blue dot, … Continue reading Pale Blue Dot

Reasons to Read My Blog

Hey folks, I asked a friend of mine this week to give me 5 reasons why I am lucky for the friendship I have with this person. I figured I would answer 5 reasons as to why you should read my blog. It’s personal. Majority of the things you read are personal experiences I’ve went … Continue reading Reasons to Read My Blog

Guest Blogger bluevibesblog

Today’s guest blogger is Leopoldo De Samaniego (yeah, a mouthful, I get that a lot).His blog site is called bluevibesblog. He likes to release how he is feeling. He’s been wanting to talk about music which he does and he wants to start publishing his short stories. He started his blog because his brother started a … Continue reading Guest Blogger bluevibesblog

Beneath your feet

What is underground? How far does one have to dig to be underground? What Is under the underground? What story does the underground know that I don’t? I found myself in Florida for an unfortunate family gathering where I met my mother’s side of the family. All the voices I heard over the phone for … Continue reading Beneath your feet


I wait for test grades, red lights, the microwave ding. I wait for the callout of lottery numbers, the doctor’s words, the plot twist, I wait for the right time to say ‘I love you’, the time to ask for your hand, our child’s arrival. I wait for adulthood, time to stop, the moment until … Continue reading Waiting

One Night

One night They sat shoulder to shoulder, knee to knee facing the front, packed in like sardines listening to the man speak. Each unaware of their neighbors triumphs or successes, Only given their name – nothing more, yet each carry their own baggage. Dismissed by time – each stood up to leave without a spoken … Continue reading One Night

Guest Blogger: Cee’s Photography

This week’s guest blogger is Cee Neuner creator of Her blog is mainly about photography and building a community of other photography enthusisests. Typically Cee has four challenges a week which are: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Cee’s Which Way Challenge, Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge, Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge, and Share Your World. … Continue reading Guest Blogger: Cee’s Photography