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A Beautiful and Worthy Life

I exist in a special era where technology is always advancing, life is blooming, humans race to mars, and the world exists at my fingertips. In this same era death is prominent, earth’s resources are being extracted faster than earth can replenish, and (here in the United States) celebrities are paid more than the men and woman protecting the country. Today, I’m not here to zoom in on the negative because that can stir up emotions. I’d much rather focus on four reminders that make life beautiful and worthy.

  1. Technology is always improving. Something I’ve recently been intrigued by is 3d printing. With 3d printing you can create whatever you like the only limit is your imagination. Here at my University we have two 3d printers that are of use to students. Most graduate students use it for architecture classes but you can use it for recreational use.
  2. Life is always blooming no matter the season. I’ve seen birds starting to fly south for the winter (in that V formation). A new addition to my family will arrive next month (my second nephew). The innocent of children is something I truly love because their brains are like sponges and soak up everything.
  3. Race to Mars! I follow NASA and SpaceX closely. I enjoy hearing about our future in space. If we get to Mars in my lifetime (I’m fairly certain we will) that will be the highlight of my life. I missed out on the Moon landing and I do not want to miss out on the Mars landing. To those astronauts involved they are some of the first “space pirates” as Matt Damon state in the film The Martian (great film if you have not watched it yet).
  4. The world exists at my fingertips thanks to the internet. I can use my computer and Google Earth to visit any place I could imagine (including Mars and the moon). If I don’t have my computer, I can use my android app called RoundMe (sorry apple users). This lets me explore earth using 360 degree images. I’ve discovered some beautiful places on earth through this app.

This era is beautiful if you are looking in the right places. I think we should always search for something beautiful in each and every day. As my history professor always declared, “Folks, these are the good old days!” I couldn’t agree with him more.

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6 thoughts on “A Beautiful and Worthy Life

    • It is fascinating how our values differ from person to person. Most often I ask, “What brings you happiness?” Their answers are never the same. So, I’ll ask you, what brings you happiness? What do you value?

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