One Night

One night

They sat shoulder to shoulder,
knee to knee facing the front,
packed in like sardines
listening to the man speak.

Each unaware of their neighbors
triumphs or successes,
Only given their name – nothing more,
yet each carry their own baggage.

Dismissed by time – each stood up
to leave without a spoken word
one by one they file out of the room,
dismissing the network opportunity.

The man left alone in silence,
pondering their urgency  to leave
without listening nor speaking
with their neighbors.

I wrote this while I was in a meeting for graduate students. I thought about all the missed opportunities on friendship that I’ve had in life. I’d hate to miss anymore.

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One thought on “One Night

  1. If It was meant to be.. you wouldn’t have lost that chance of connections…

    You ever find that when you see someone and get or feel a connection..
    just by chance.. you keep seeing that person or 🏃🏻 running into that person everywhere you go..

    That.. was meant to be..
    you can’t Miss your chance to be friends then..


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