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Today’s guest blogger is Leopoldo De Samaniego (yeah, a mouthful, I get that a lot).His blog site is called bluevibesblog. He likes to release how he is feeling. He’s been wanting to talk about music which he does and he wants to start publishing his short stories.

He started his blog because his brother started a blog. Leopoldo said, “I’ve been craving a platform to express myself, so maybe 4 days after he started his own blog I started my own. I saw his views were like 100-200, then thought, “I could do that, but better.” And I did, he usually posts, like maybe once a month-ish, but I took it more serious as I’ve started using my site as a more serious platform to get my word and work out there.”

He would like to achieve from his blog is getting his wisdom and personal work out into the world. He wants to write in a serious manner but to also keep it fun and interesting. He states, “I want to be known, but not make it feel like a job and force myself to do it, which will start making it not feel as fun.” When he isn’t busy he likes to relax and adventure around his city.


His advice to all who are reading this is: “Follow your dream, improve every day, dedicate sometime to what your hobby is and make your hobby into something serious if you want to take it to the next level. I always thought those whole “follow your dreams” “you can do it” quotes are really corny and bullshitty but really, yeah, that’s what it is and what it’s about. Do what you love, keep it fun, and do it well. My momma always told me if I wanted to do something, do it right and be the best at it.”

Leopoldo wants to write a novel or two. However, it sounds easier than actually getting around to starting. He said, “Just the thought you’re actually about to do this real big thing — well at least big in your (my) head — is scary. It’s like wanting to go parachuting but then regretting it last minute once you’re already up in the plane and you basically have no alternative, sorta embarrassing to ask to come back, wouldn’t you think?”

I couldn’t agree more with him. The intimidation I get from facing a blank page always scares me which is one reason why I try to avoid blank pages as much as possible. In my office at work I have a folder filled with paper that can be recycled and mostly used on one side. So I take those papers and start writing, it calms me.

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