Reasons to Read My Blog

Hey folks, I asked a friend of mine this week to give me 5 reasons why I am lucky for the friendship I have with this person. I figured I would answer 5 reasons as to why you should read my blog.

  1. It’s personal. Majority of the things you read are personal experiences I’ve went through in life. I try to let my past inspire me to change the future of tomorrow.
  2. My blog is diverse. I am an open minded individual and try to keep my posts diverse. Instead of having a strict poetry blog I change it up with some personal stories/insights, guest bloggers, daily posts, etc…
  3. Posts are brief. Well with the exception of the guest blogs I post. I work at least 20 hours a week on top of grad school. I am a busy body, that being said I try to keep things brief not only for my sake but yours as well.
  4. Fresh Views. When I write I try to bring a fresh new perspective to unconventional things most of us would overlook.
  5. I believe in my words. I feel that for someone to sit behind a computer a write all day should believe in their work. Believe that it should be read by the public.

*Please note that I simply encourage you fellow readers to read and enjoy my blog when you are able to.* 

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9 thoughts on “Reasons to Read My Blog”

  1. Well, you write very well. Good style and flow with words writingnatural. I’m new here and never really done any blogging. I love writing and have a few things published. But here lately distracted. Have a lot going on. Anyway, I like your style of writing. Best of luck to you, and best wishes! Have a fantastic autumn day!
    William, CreativeEssencesCreativeWriting®

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