Help! Does Money Talk?

In recent days I’ve been handling some family issues along with attending a conference for Behavior Analysts. None of this really is relevant however while I attended the conference I noticed someone had dropped a few coins. I waited an hour or so before picking them up. It was a couple pennies. Why wouldn’t anyone pick up a penny? Now I wondered what if that was a dollar bill? Or even five dollar bill? So I developed this poll for your intake. Once the poll concludes I’ll reveal the results in another post. Image Source.

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5 thoughts on “Help! Does Money Talk?

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  1. This same thing happened to me last week. I saw a guy on campus drop a dollar (it’s a coin here) and he knew he dropped it, but decided that he wasn’t going to stop walking and pick it up. I was shocked and had I not been in a heavy flow of foot traffic on the other side of the hall, I would have gone to snatch it up right away. Luckily for me, it was still there an hour later when I walked back. I pick up all money I drop. I pick up all money I see. Money is money, yo. Even pennies.

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  2. My dad always picked up every penny or lose change he saw and he kept them in a jar until the end of the year. Now, I do the same thing without even thinking about it. Money is money!


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