Old Box

There my love sat
in a dusty old box
that hasn’t been opened
in years.

Collecting dust
is all its done.
Patiently waiting
for me to reminisce
of what love once was.

Old photos of us,
letters stowed away,
memories we collected
have started to fade away.

There my love sat
in a dusty old box
stored away in the attic
waiting for a reconnection.

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To Each Their Own Culture

All throughout school, every morning we would stand and recite The Pledge of Allegiance a song that was created in 1892. Can you believe it? Nearly 124 years later and the song is still prevalent, although many believe that schools are brainwashing their children sort of like a cult. The song is a part of our culture along with our flag. Every city I visit, I try to find the American flag to snap a photo of it. I believe that is the only culture America has is the flag and the traditional songs ranging from The Pledege of Allegiance, The National Anthem (which is played at most sporting events), America the Beautiful, etc… We show our patriotism, not saying that other countries don’t.

To each community has its own culture. My hometown had a huge influence from the Spanish community mostly people from Mexico. They brought with them their culture and most of all food. My mother’s boss brought their culture with them from Sir Lanka. Her coworkers brought their culture with them from Russia, Somalia, Egypt, Mexico, etc… The great thing about living in my hometown is the diverse people I was able to meet. My second grade teacher was Native American, how cool is that?! Her and my mother became friends outside of school and she invited us over to her home and let me inside a tipi (teepee). How neat is that!?!

Being able to experience and respect other’s cultures is what living should really be about. It is easier said than done I’m sure because many people have xenophobia (which is also the word of the year).

Take a closer look at the image below (which is the featured image). Notice to the left of it a golden arch. Yep, I believe that is also what American Culture is about quick and simple.

A Poet’s Block

Day after day,
I write musing words
in an endless stream
hoping to churn
a good piece.

All that comes to mind
is my mother’s voice,
played like a broken record.
Shattering my brain
into a million pieces.

Line after line,
I write dull thoughts
striving for something
better than a sad
freestyle poem.

If only I could share
the love I hear in her
voice when we talk.
I leave this not for you but me
in hope of a better attempt


Oak Tree

Here we are gathered
in one giant oak tree.
I can’t see who you
are at the top.

I glance round,
recognizing faces
smiling down at me.

I am prideful of
my heritage and traditions
passed down generation
after generation.

My roots run deep
within this tree.
Birds sing, words echo,
all as we continue on.

Slowly we grew from
a small sapling
into this wise oak tree
with deep roots.

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Writing Natural Name & Slogan


Year after year,
my mother and I
would prepare
a feast the day before.

We’d make cheese cake,
apple pie, pumpkin pie,
horn bread, green bean casserole,
mashed potatoes, yams, dressing,
and so much more.

Her and I would be up
until the sun peaked in
the kitchen windows.
I’d clean the floor by hand,
then sleep until noon.

The house smelled of
a basted turkey
and warm yams.
Family friends,
would gather in our
southern California home.

Each talking to one another
before the feast began,
then all you heard was
clinking of forks against
the plates.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Guest Blogger: I Think My Way


Name: Divyang Shah
Blog Site: https://ithinkmyway.wordpress.com/

Description of Blog:I write what comes through my life experience and what I feel I should write about. Sometimes, I just start typing and write what comes naturally from mind to fingers to page.

– What made you interested in blogging? When did you start?
I was reading stories from newspaper and listening to my grandfather from his childhood. Over the years, I sometimes thought about writing but never started. Once I have finished my bachelor’s & masters in computer, I had a vast knowledge of blogs and related topics. I used to read & write answers on Quora. There I started my blog on Quora. By doing this my interest in writing increased dramatically. During that time, I started WordPress blog and also participated in storymirror.com to write poems & articles some of which got selected. I also participated in one international group competition where all group members write and give reviews on each other’s writing. There also I got appreciation. The story I submitted for the competition is called: Life Across BorderThis is how I became more interested in blogging.I started my blog 1.5 years ago, since then, that I haven’t looked back.

-If you could give one piece of advice what would you say?
I will say, today many people says that it’s time to earn money and once we earn enough we will fulfill our dreams and follow our passion. But, that’s the wrong mentality. Because you will never feel that you earned enough rather you just need follow your passion parallel. Who knows it may open up new door to success.\.

-What is something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t gotten around to trying?
Writing Book! I wish I could write a book just once. I feel I can write small story books but not a novel or even series, but anything can happen. Who knows what is hidden inside the future.

-What makes you the happiest?
I can be happy in small moments. I am the happiest when meet my family, read some good article, doing garba (Gujarati dance) ;p or reciting god’s songs and of course writing.

Giving Season

This time of year
we are encouraged
much more to give
back to others.

Giving back by giving
your time to others,
skills, resources and
sometimes money too.

One small act of kindness
gives another hope
of great people still
exist on Earth.

Giving back is something that I strongly believe in. If I can give back, I will. In my life, I was given a lot and the only way I will ever be able to repay those people is not only going on to achieve great things but to also give back just like they did for me. One way anyone can give back without spending money or even leaving their home is visit freerice.com. For every correct answer you enter, they donate 10 grains of rice through the world food programme to help end hunger. You also get to learn from a variety of subjects.

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Past to Present

Little Girl, don’t be shy
don’t hide away
you are brilliant.

You’ve got ideas
worth millions
and a bright
life ahead
so don’t hide now.

Chase your dreams
as you carry your head high
leaving the doubters behind.

You’ll achieve great things
so long as you try
even after you’ve failed
get right back up
and try, try again.

Little girl, don’t listen
to those who tell
you: You’re missing out.
reply with: No you are.

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This past week I’ve realized that I kept chasing after everything I ever wanted in life even after failure. Recently, I ran for Vice President for an organization I am apart of. Elections were last week and the executive board was released Friday. Days leading up to Friday, I was busy in meetings, and election day, I had no confidence. I thought I would fail, however, I won. Life is about taking risks the outcome determines if the risk was good or bad. Keep moving forward.

Writing Natural Name & Slogan