Old Box

There my love sat in a dusty old box that hasn’t been opened in years. Collecting dust is all its done. Patiently waiting for me to reminisce of what love once was. Old photos of us, letters stowed away, memories we collected have started to fade away. There my love sat in a dusty old … Continue reading Old Box

To Each Their Own Culture

All throughout school, every morning we would stand and recite The Pledge of Allegiance a song that was created in 1892. Can you believe it? Nearly 124 years later and the song is still prevalent, although many believe that schools are brainwashing their children sort of like a cult. The song is a part of … Continue reading To Each Their Own Culture

A Poet’s Block

Day after day, I write musing words in an endless stream hoping to churn a good piece. All that comes to mind is my mother’s voice, played like a broken record. Shattering my brain into a million pieces. Line after line, I write dull thoughts striving for something better than a sad freestyle poem. If … Continue reading A Poet’s Block

Oak Tree

Here we are gathered in one giant oak tree. I can’t see who you are at the top. I glance round, recognizing faces smiling down at me. I am prideful of my heritage and traditions passed down generation after generation. My roots run deep within this tree. Birds sing, words echo, all as we continue … Continue reading Oak Tree


Year after year, my mother and I would prepare a feast the day before. We’d make cheese cake, apple pie, pumpkin pie, horn bread, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, yams, dressing, and so much more. Her and I would be up until the sun peaked in the kitchen windows. I’d clean the floor by hand, … Continue reading Thanksgiving

Guest Blogger: I Think My Way

Name: Divyang Shah Blog Site: https://ithinkmyway.wordpress.com/ Description of Blog:I write what comes through my life experience and what I feel I should write about. Sometimes, I just start typing and write what comes naturally from mind to fingers to page. - What made you interested in blogging? When did you start? I was reading stories from newspaper … Continue reading Guest Blogger: I Think My Way

Giving Season

This time of year we are encouraged much more to give back to others. Giving back by giving your time to others, skills, resources and sometimes money too. One small act of kindness gives another hope of great people still exist on Earth. Giving back is something that I strongly believe in. If I can … Continue reading Giving Season

Past to Present

Little Girl, don’t be shy don’t hide away you are brilliant. You’ve got ideas worth millions and a bright life ahead so don’t hide now. Chase your dreams as you carry your head high leaving the doubters behind. You’ll achieve great things so long as you try even after you’ve failed get right back up … Continue reading Past to Present