If Aliens are real…

The human race is an interesting one. I’d say many of us want peace yet somehow we end up in a war among one another instead of finding a middle ground all parties involved can agree upon. This morning I seen this meme on Facebook:

I started to ponder how we would explain why we kill aliens in films. Just think about it. Even if it is mere entertainment how do you justify the killing if “we come in peace.” Would you trust a world that’s actions don’t align with their words? Also, why are aliens typically depicted as vicious creatures? This is just me here but I think aliens could be peaceful. I believe that the entertainment industry wants us to have this xenophobia (an irrational fear or dislike of people from other countries *I extend to planets) for simply new and unfamiliar things. Think back to something or even someone you disliked and once you tried that thing or spoke to that someone you realized that it isn’t that bad.

So if aliens do exist and they came to earth, first would you kill them like in the films? Befriend them? If you befriend them how would you explain the movies Aliens, Independence day, Mars Attacks, The Day the Earth Stood Still, etc…?

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6 thoughts on “If Aliens are real…”

  1. well, like the thoughts. Recently i did have same series of thoughts. Like, if they visit us { proves they are far technolized and intellectual than us }, may be there principle aim is to just see how are things going on, how we are evolving. maybe they have reached some sort of intellectual level where they believe life is precious, after all we cant find it everywhere. So, just want to drop the comment that maybe there principle aim is just to see and study beauty about our world and society.not possibly like to start war as shown in movie to take control over our resources ,after all they could find resources they need somewhere else besides earth!

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    1. Thanks for the comment. I must say that reminds me of a creation story I wrote for my English class. The story replied around 4 elders of another dimension that came to the 3rd dimension developed earth, life, etc… because their world was being destroyed. A bit different, haha.

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  2. I’ve always thought aliens to be a reality. The thing about the media is that they are in charge of brainwashing. From making demonic spirit movies to aggressive aliens. I believe they do create a tension among us. If I was able to befriend an alien, I would tell him/her to forgive us. That we always fear what we don’t understand.


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