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Pennies for Thoughts

I watched a segment from the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver about Pennies. I also watched a YouTube video called Death to Pennies. Both of which lead a great conversation for everyone in my life about pennies. Last week I conducted a penny poll on here where my readers could answer the questions: Would you Rather…? Right out of the gates I should have set up the question better, I realized this after I already published the poll. The results came in and they weren’t surprising. 50% of the participants would rather pick up the five dollars then the penny, dollar, or none. Only 20% would have picked up a penny.

What does this mean for the penny? Besides that, they are unwanted, nothing. The United States uses online transactions now (meaning debit and credit cards) according to a 2014 statistic report from I know I am having second thoughts about the existence of pennies. Maybe there is a case for pennies to be discontinued and start rounding everything up to the nearest nickel. After all it would make cashier’s lives a bit easier when someone hands them extra money wanting a whole bill instead of change back. For now you can keep your pennies, toss them out when sweeping, vacuuming, or make a floor out of pennies. Whatever it is, just remember every penny counts.

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6 thoughts on “Pennies for Thoughts

    • I know of a few countries that have stopped producing the penny. At first in my mind I was appealed and disagreed. Since I started to pay attention to currency I think that it should stop being produced especially since it costs more to make a penny.Ha, I like that your walks have increased in value because of nickels and dimes! Nice touch.

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    • I couldn’t imagine my nieces and nephews not knowing what a penny looks like or feels. I know when I was a kid, when I lost a tooth the “tooth fairy” either left me a $2 dollar bill or a half dollar (a 50 cent coin). Thanks for sharing and reading! I don’t think the United States is ready for “invisible” currency


  1. Writing Natural,
    Well this was good I shall say. It was very well thought out, and at times I thought it had a little humor as well, I was amused. I must say I chuckled out loud and my cat looked at me as I if I had done lost my mind! Thank you! Kudos to the lady at hand.

    Creatively Writing Tomorrow’s Dream

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