Past to Present

Little Girl, don’t be shy
don’t hide away
you are brilliant.

You’ve got ideas
worth millions
and a bright
life ahead
so don’t hide now.

Chase your dreams
as you carry your head high
leaving the doubters behind.

You’ll achieve great things
so long as you try
even after you’ve failed
get right back up
and try, try again.

Little girl, don’t listen
to those who tell
you: You’re missing out.
reply with: No you are.

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This past week I’ve realized that I kept chasing after everything I ever wanted in life even after failure. Recently, I ran for Vice President for an organization I am apart of. Elections were last week and the executive board was released Friday. Days leading up to Friday, I was busy in meetings, and election day, I had no confidence. I thought I would fail, however, I won. Life is about taking risks the outcome determines if the risk was good or bad. Keep moving forward.

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2 thoughts on “Past to Present

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  1. This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. The past couple weeks I have trying out for something new and this was just the boost I needed.

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