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Dear Child

There’s no guarantee
that you’ll succeed.
But the mountains
will keep growing.
Don’t give up
failing is apart of life.

Sometimes you’ll scrape your knee,
loose something you love,
or have a bad day.
Don’t you worry dear
good days still lie ahead
Don’t lose sight
of the light within

You’ll find someone you love
with all your heart.
Butterflies may rise,
your knees may chatter
that’s what they call love.

Dear child,
there are things in life,
you may never understand.
Know that my love for you
may not be seen like
the autumn wind but you can feel it.
May my love for you
echo forever and beyond.

I wrote this during my night class as we were reviewing for our final exam. This is truly dedicated to my niece (the one in the featured image). She is 6 years old now; From day one she has been my world and I have been hers.


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