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200+ Followers!

Friday I reached 200 followers. First, thank you to each and every follower without you my words wouldn’t be as important. I know 200 followers isn’t 1,000 but its progress to become more successful. I didn’t expect my words to reach different places across the globe. Let me be honest, I didn’t expect my words to leave my mid-western life in the States, but they did.

My books filled
with one liners
waiting to be used.

Each ‘finished’ piece,
left to collect dust.

Until May 2016,
the pieces
became public.

One by one,
the words appear
each day.

My books emptied,
each piece won’t
ever vanish now.

Thank you avid readers. Also, a huge thank you to the team at The Daily Post for all their efforts. I took advantage of their community pool, first friday, and their daily word prompt. If you don’t have Bitstrips on your devices, I encourage to download it. I use the app daily to enhance my messages.

Featured Image: Character from Bitstrips; developed text and confetti in Photoshop.



15 thoughts on “200+ Followers!

    • Well don’t quit if having a blog is something you truly want to have it. I was in your shoes until I found what my audience enjoyed from me which was poetry. Also take advantage the the daily post on wordpress. Every Monday there is a community pool you can post in and on Friday there is another pool. Along with various challenges to up your traffic on your page. If you have questions please feel free to reach me 🙂


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