First Donation

There she sat nervously,
with her eyes closed
waiting for the deed
to be done.

One snip,
two snip,
with each snip she
squeezed the chair’s arm.

Her time was done,
when she turned around
she felt peace within.

What once was attached
to her head now rests
within her palm
a long brown braid
she gave away.

Image source.

I was twelve the first time I donated my hair. I was visiting my Godparents when I seen a locks of love commercial. I asked my Godmother if should could take me to get my haircut, she said she would only if my mother approved. Of course my mom said, “if that’s what you want. I’m not wearing your head.” So we went and donated my hair that day. Since then I’ve donated 3 times, each have gotten longer than the last. This goal is to donate enough to make a full wig for a child with cancer.


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