5 Cyber Tools

Hey all, I figured this might be a good change up from what you all are used to from me at least.Why not use the internet for more than social media. Why not use the internet to become a better person? I wanted to share with you 5 tools/websites I use pretty much daily.These aren’t ranked in any particular order

1. Google Drive –  a place where you can save all your work to. This can include photos as well. I mainly use this if I am using another laptop or sharing information with a group. Google also offers Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excell.

2. Stumble Upon – This is where you play roulette with the internet. If you have ever used pinterest this is a bit similar. I use this when I want to find something interesting and/or completely random. Once I found The Lion King 1, 2, & 1 1/2 put together in one long movie.

3. Ted – This is a fantastic organization that shares ideas worth hearing. On their site the topics range from poetry to science advances to bullying. You walk away learning more than you though first watching the video. One of my many dreams is to conduct a Ted Talk.

4. Duo Lingo – This website & app make learning another language fun! I took two years of French and wanted to continue learning the language. Duo Lingo is great for keeping maintenance or learning a new language!

5. Canva *NEW FIND* – A great place to create simple yet incredible graphics. This is useful if you are interested in marketing and don’t want to spend that pretty penny on Adobe products. I use this at work most often but I’m thinking I’m going to use it for a set of poems I have in mind.

Bonus: Google Earth/Google Maps – This is truly an amazing addition to the internet. With Google Earth you can “travel the world” without leaving your home. Sure it isn’t the same but if you don’t have the means to go right now why not explore now? Plus Google Earth you can visit Mars! Please note that some small towns aren’t on Google Earth for some reason.

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