5 Cyber Tools

Hey all, I figured this might be a good change up from what you all are used to from me at least.Why not use the internet for more than social media. Why not use the internet to become a better person? I wanted to share with you 5 tools/websites I use pretty much daily.These aren’t ranked in any particular order

1. Google Drive –  a place where you can save all your work to. This can include photos as well. I mainly use this if I am using another laptop or sharing information with a group. Google also offers Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excell.

2. Stumble Upon – This is where you play roulette with the internet. If you have ever used pinterest this is a bit similar. I use this when I want to find something interesting and/or completely random. Once I found The Lion King 1, 2, & 1 1/2 put together in one long movie.

3. Ted – This is a fantastic organization that shares ideas worth hearing. On their site the topics range from poetry to science advances to bullying. You walk away learning more than you though first watching the video. One of my many dreams is to conduct a Ted Talk.

4. Duo Lingo – This website & app make learning another language fun! I took two years of French and wanted to continue learning the language. Duo Lingo is great for keeping maintenance or learning a new language!

5. Canva *NEW FIND* – A great place to create simple yet incredible graphics. This is useful if you are interested in marketing and don’t want to spend that pretty penny on Adobe products. I use this at work most often but I’m thinking I’m going to use it for a set of poems I have in mind.

Bonus: Google Earth/Google Maps – This is truly an amazing addition to the internet. With Google Earth you can “travel the world” without leaving your home. Sure it isn’t the same but if you don’t have the means to go right now why not explore now? Plus Google Earth you can visit Mars! Please note that some small towns aren’t on Google Earth for some reason.

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First Donation

There she sat nervously,
with her eyes closed
waiting for the deed
to be done.

One snip,
two snip,
with each snip she
squeezed the chair’s arm.

Her time was done,
when she turned around
she felt peace within.

What once was attached
to her head now rests
within her palm
a long brown braid
she gave away.

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I was twelve the first time I donated my hair. I was visiting my Godparents when I seen a locks of love commercial. I asked my Godmother if should could take me to get my haircut, she said she would only if my mother approved. Of course my mom said, “if that’s what you want. I’m not wearing your head.” So we went and donated my hair that day. Since then I’ve donated 3 times, each have gotten longer than the last. This goal is to donate enough to make a full wig for a child with cancer.


Stacked together
side by side,
Collecting dust.

I reach for one
to read the end,
before I embark
into their world.

The story unfolds
before my eyes
as if I was watching a play.

What once was just words
on a page stitched
together into a book
now come to life.

Each character lives
within my head
wanting more than
just their end.


My week has come and gone,
I’ve studied hard,
worked harder,
prepping for next year.

All my marbles
appear aligned
except for one.

I sit each night,
talking to thin air,
wishing you were here
to see me grow.

Your love wraps
around me like
a warm blanket.

I wish to show you
everything I’ve done
in hopes to make
you proud.

I’m always missing you.

This was dedicated to my step-grandparents. They always supported me through whatever I wanted. Please stay tuned as I will be off from my many obligations so I hope to bring you some interesting posts as well as creative images.

Question Everything

They say if you can explain it to a child, you can understand the topic. If you know me on a personal level, you’ll know that I am a “deep thinker.” This means that I think about questions that may not have one direct answer but rather than multiple answers. I love asking people what makes them happy, who are you, and (truly my favorite one) what do you want someone to know about you? Today, I thought I’d answer Who am I and What is the meaning of life?

Who am I?
Well, who am I? My analytic side wants to say, I am of the homosapien sapien race. I am made up of tiny atoms and molecules banded together along with DNA. This doesn’t sound pleasant. However, it is truly the only answer I can think of. My brain gets stumped if I try to answer it any other way. Trust me, I had a small trash bin full of paper trying to answer this question. So here it goes…

I am… A young graduate student chasing after one of her many dreams that will lead to the ultimate prize of leaving the world a better place than when I entered it many years ago. Within my short time I’ve built a great story that starts out sad but only finds a way up from there. I’m truly blessed to have had the opportunities I have had in my life and I hope they won’t stop now.

What is the meaning of life?

I firmly believe that everyone’s meaning of life is different because we aren’t all clones nor think the same way. I’ve thought about the meaning of life is to simply live a life the way you choose. That thought ruled out religion, money, government, laws, etc… which is why it isn’t a definitive answer.

My life meaning is… to leave the world a better place than when I entered it this can include but not limited to a legacy. Legacy meaning child, movement, etc… I want my life’s work to change the world in some manner either a global scale or perhaps a small group of people. This blog is sort of one way of leaving a legacy. My words will forever be in the interspace (whatever that means).

You should partake in the conversation to, by answer Who am I? What is the meaning of life?

This space was influenced by The Daily Post Tough Questions.

200+ Followers!

Friday I reached 200 followers. First, thank you to each and every follower without you my words wouldn’t be as important. I know 200 followers isn’t 1,000 but its progress to become more successful. I didn’t expect my words to reach different places across the globe. Let me be honest, I didn’t expect my words to leave my mid-western life in the States, but they did.

My books filled
with one liners
waiting to be used.

Each ‘finished’ piece,
left to collect dust.

Until May 2016,
the pieces
became public.

One by one,
the words appear
each day.

My books emptied,
each piece won’t
ever vanish now.

Thank you avid readers. Also, a huge thank you to the team at The Daily Post for all their efforts. I took advantage of their community pool, first friday, and their daily word prompt. If you don’t have Bitstrips on your devices, I encourage to download it. I use the app daily to enhance my messages.

Featured Image: Character from Bitstrips; developed text and confetti in Photoshop.


Dear Child

There’s no guarantee
that you’ll succeed.
But the mountains
will keep growing.
Don’t give up
failing is apart of life.

Sometimes you’ll scrape your knee,
loose something you love,
or have a bad day.
Don’t you worry dear
good days still lie ahead
Don’t lose sight
of the light within

You’ll find someone you love
with all your heart.
Butterflies may rise,
your knees may chatter
that’s what they call love.

Dear child,
there are things in life,
you may never understand.
Know that my love for you
may not be seen like
the autumn wind but you can feel it.
May my love for you
echo forever and beyond.

I wrote this during my night class as we were reviewing for our final exam. This is truly dedicated to my niece (the one in the featured image). She is 6 years old now; From day one she has been my world and I have been hers.