Chapter One: January

Oh January,
where did you go?
I started school
once more.
I became chair
of a committee.
I bought a new
(to me) used Prius.
I reached 250
Yet, I still feel
as if I missed you.
Chapter one down,
eleven more to come.

What did you do in January? If you had a New Year’s Resolution are you still following it?

Life’s Battle

Warning, no two
battles are the same.
Each accustomed
to their owner.
You’ll face
brick walls,
burned bridges,
roads less traveled.
Testing your skills,
in order to improve
your life.
I’d never want
to see you fail.

This poem is in response to Life’s Own Battle by Emma Jackson. I wanted to be the voice of life. I’m not sure if I actually achieved that, however I did write something. Hope you enjoyed!


That familiar jingle played

over and over sending
me back.

To where we first met
in the cramped elevator
on the 32nd floor.

You were like a lost
puppy looking for
your way in the
Big apple.

I offered my hand
and you never let go,
until that fateful day
when i left you behind.

My love for you
echos in the wind,
dear don’t forget me.

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Each day I place
words on a page
wanting them
to say more than
I can show you.
Those words are
large, complex,
and lose the
My scrambled thoughts
never seem to put
the right words
I share with
you my simple
I love you.


Always stay
for a moment longer.
Always share
your love.
Always forgive
but don’t forget.
Always try

your best.

Always smile
each day.
Always remember
where you came from.
Always say
thank you.
Always remember
people make mistakes.
Always be
Always live

for tomorrow.


During a time of need
Everyone searches for hope.
Vacating a place of terror
And in search for love and care;
Salvaging what once was.
Tragedies should only exist
Among pen and paper,
Terrorizing fictional characters
In between two covers.
Order will be restored,
Never forgetting the devastation.

10 Tips For Blogging

Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve written two posts pertaining to blog advice which are: 5 Things I wish I knew about WordPress and How To Become a Blogging Champ . I’ll admit at first I was so excited to find out that people were actually taking an interest in my writing. I started to research how to continue to grow my audience. All the advice I read was clearly easier said than done. Since the creation of blog in May 2016, I obtained 200+ followers in just six months. I like think that is a mighty accomplishment.
In recent days, I’ve received inquires about how I made that happen.Here are some tips that I think are most beneficial.
1. Find your point. What matters to you? What message do you want to convey to your audience? Why should someone read your post? What do you have to offer?
2. Condense your posts. Most the time when I read my followers posts I view them on my WordPress app when I’m walking to class or in the car. Brief posts keep your readers coming back.
3. Feng Shui your web design. It took me a few months to find a design that I felt best fit my blog’s impression. This being said I am looking into redesigning my blog once I hit the one year mark.
4. Utilize your resources. Ask other bloggers questions. Follow The Daily Post for daily inspiration as well as use the community pool and first friday posts. is a user friendly graphic design web page so you can create fun graphics.
5. Write a list posts. When I write a tips or list post this seems to drive the most attention. When you write the list be original, creative, and most of all speak with what you know.
6. Write often. If you write and post daily you will drive more people to your blog. This encourages people to take the time out and read your work. This also let’s them know you are a part of the community.
7. Be Active. Follow people who follow you. Read their posts, comment, and actively engage in their work. If you do this, the more likely that person is to be active on your page and your blog.
8. Be Patient. I know how much you want to see your numbers grow more and more each day but just give it time. It took me 6 months to gain 200 followers. None of my family, friends, or co-workers knew I was blogging until December 2016. In which I felt most confident in my work.
9. Be your biggest fan. This might sound odd however, be your biggest fan. Once you write a post go check it out. Re-read it each time someone comments or likes it. Try to see how much they enjoyed it. When a piece is a huge success you know what your audience enjoys hearing from you.
10. Don’t give up!!! I must stress this enough. First time bloggers end up closing down shop within the first year. This is because lack of inspiration, audience, life gets in the way, etc… If you enjoy blogging then keep it a priority. The good thing about WordPress is you can plan out your posts in advanced, so set some time aside and write like the wind. Then monitor your blog from afar.
Bonus: Use Social Media. This is something I struggle with because I’ve never used Twitter or Instagram for personal use. I use Facebook personally which works great for me. Social Media is a great way to promote your posts without you having to do too much effort.
I hope this post has given you some insight as to how to become a more successful blogger. Do you have any tips or advice that isn’t listed here? Please, comment below and share with the community.

Guest Blogger Shivashishspeaks

Today’s Guest Blogger is Shivashish Kulshreshtha  From Shivashishspeaks. Shivashish is from India and is pursuing from college. Shivashishspeaks consist of stories, poems, articles of various genres such as thriller, sicfi, and more.

Q:What interested you in blogging and what are your goals?
“I developed a liking towards literature and writing. Later my sister asked me to start blogging as she use to blog. Later me and my mother started different blogs on wordpress. I started blogging regularly on October 31st. Through blogging I think I can gain a platform to furnish and sharpen my skills. My blog provides me a sample space of creative writers and readers to improve my writing skills and gain feedback.”

Q: If you could give one piece of advice what would you say?
“We should always chase our passion and the job which suits our liking and taste should be chosen. As the ultimate aim of life is not earning money but success and happiness.

Q: What inspires you?
“I usually take inspiration from the timeline and milestones of evolution of science and society. Imagine all the possibilities and I think that is what shapes my fiction writing.”

Q: What brings you happiness?
“I become happy and cheerful in all successes, I find them rewarding. Also, my hard work  and shaping my future. I’m enthralled by the accreditation ,rewards, achievements of myself,my family , my country and humanity.

Q:Any last comments you’d like to share?
“Finally I would like to wish all your readers a very Happy New Year and may it take you to desirable heights in your carrier and bring happiness and Prosperity in your lives.”