Chapter One: January

Oh January, where did you go? I started school once more. I became chair of a committee. I bought a new (to me) used Prius. I reached 250 followers. Yet, I still feel as if I missed you. Chapter one down, eleven more to come. What did you do in January? If you had a … Continue reading Chapter One: January

Life’s Battle

Warning, no two battles are the same. Each accustomed to their owner. You'll face brick walls, burned bridges, roads less traveled. Testing your skills, in order to improve your life. I'd never want to see you fail. Featured Image. This poem is in response to Life's Own Battle by Emma Jackson. I wanted to be the … Continue reading Life’s Battle


​That familiar jingle played over and over sending me back. To where we first met in the cramped elevator on the 32nd floor. You were like a lost puppy looking for your way in the Big apple. I offered my hand and you never let go, until that fateful day when i left you behind. … Continue reading Jingle 


Always stay for a moment longer. space Always share your love.  space Always forgive but don't forget.   space Always try your best.   space Always smile each day.   space Always remember where you came from.   space Always say thank you.   space Always remember people make mistakes.   space Always be yourself.   space Always live for tomorrow.


During a time of need Everyone searches for hope. Vacating a place of terror And in search for love and care; Salvaging what once was. Tragedies should only exist Among pen and paper, Terrorizing fictional characters In between two covers. Order will be restored, Never forgetting the devastation. Featured Image.

10 Tips For Blogging

Since I've started this blog, I've written two posts pertaining to blog advice which are: 5 Things I wish I knew about WordPress and How To Become a Blogging Champ . I'll admit at first I was so excited to find out that people were actually taking an interest in my writing. I started to … Continue reading 10 Tips For Blogging

Guest Blogger Shivashishspeaks

Today's Guest Blogger is Shivashish Kulshreshtha  From Shivashishspeaks. Shivashish is from India and is pursuing from college. Shivashishspeaks consist of stories, poems, articles of various genres such as thriller, sicfi, and more. Q:What interested you in blogging and what are your goals? "I developed a liking towards literature and writing. Later my sister asked me … Continue reading Guest Blogger Shivashishspeaks