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Guest Blogger Shivashishspeaks

Today’s Guest Blogger is Shivashish Kulshreshtha  From Shivashishspeaks. Shivashish is from India and is pursuing from college. Shivashishspeaks consist of stories, poems, articles of various genres such as thriller, sicfi, and more.

Q:What interested you in blogging and what are your goals?
“I developed a liking towards literature and writing. Later my sister asked me to start blogging as she use to blog. Later me and my mother started different blogs on wordpress. I started blogging regularly on October 31st. Through blogging I think I can gain a platform to furnish and sharpen my skills. My blog provides me a sample space of creative writers and readers to improve my writing skills and gain feedback.”

Q: If you could give one piece of advice what would you say?
“We should always chase our passion and the job which suits our liking and taste should be chosen. As the ultimate aim of life is not earning money but success and happiness.

Q: What inspires you?
“I usually take inspiration from the timeline and milestones of evolution of science and society. Imagine all the possibilities and I think that is what shapes my fiction writing.”

Q: What brings you happiness?
“I become happy and cheerful in all successes, I find them rewarding. Also, my hard work  and shaping my future. I’m enthralled by the accreditation ,rewards, achievements of myself,my family , my country and humanity.

Q:Any last comments you’d like to share?
“Finally I would like to wish all your readers a very Happy New Year and may it take you to desirable heights in your carrier and bring happiness and Prosperity in your lives.”


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