Power of Discussion

Today won’t be my usual poem. I’d like to share something rather important to me. I enjoy sparking a discussion about various topics. If I know the topic well, I tend to play the devil’s advocate. I think the power of discussion is mightier than someone standing on their soap box and shouting. Today I had an interesting conversation about microaggression. Microagression is subtle discrimination conscious or not. I heard this saying once,

“Educate before you advocate.”

I think that statement is true. We as individuals should educate ourselves before we can speak about a topic. Then the next question, How much education do I need before I can advocate? I’d suggest to educate yourself so you are able to give rebuttals and answer a variety of questions. If you cannot answer it then that is an opportunity for you to learn more about the given topic.

I am no blogging expert, however, I always do research on how to become a better blogger. I ask other bloggers for tips and share what has worked for me. Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new. It can be in fields that interest you or it could be something you’ve never thought or heard about. One reason why I enjoy listening to TedTalks. (if you don’t know what that is just open google and search it).

Have a wonderful day 🙂


7 thoughts on “Power of Discussion

    • Yes I do believe that there are a large number of people who believe that because it was mentioned on social media, meme, etc… they believe it to be true however, if it’s not backed by facts or even fact checked then the information maybe discredited.

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