Vice V

Indulging is what I know best, never am I satisfied You may see my ways as – wasteful I see not enough. Gorging when I can, always absorbing. Gluttony is my sin.


She brushed the dust off their portrait from 1987. Side by side they stood smiling on their wedding day. They brought three children into the world wrapped in care. She refused to accept that their love had died years ago. Along the way she lost herself, living to only see her children grow. Now its … Continue reading Acceptance

My Labels

This post was inspired by the Daily Post Prompt Label. I wanted to pin labels on myself to understand what it feels like to be categorized. While pinning these labels I imagined me walking with these attached to me, visible to everyone. After doing this I realized that I am way more than my labels. … Continue reading My Labels

Too Many Choices

What words to say? Thousands to choose from, but which are right? What shirt to wear? Weather is unpredictable, long sleeve or short? What food to eat? Something sweet or rather, something savory? When should I leave? If I leave now I'd be early, would I want to be late? Each day many choices are … Continue reading Too Many Choices