In the face of death the old ones speak,
like a young poet beneath the tree
where memories echo in the wind.


Each bargaining death for more time,
yearning for one last huge and kiss,
and one last adventure before they leave.


Lingering behind their weary eyes
the birth of their children is imagined
once more the old ones weep.


Love wraps the old ones before death,
with their last rejoice in hand,
their journey comes to the finish line.

Drawing Blanks

No defeat than staring
at a blank screen,
with a line blinking —
waiting for something
to be typed.

Switch to a clean
piece of paper.
No blinking lines,
just ink ready
to be molded into
something great.

Eager eyes await,
for my words today.
Yet, I only am
drawing blanks.

No sweet words of love,
no sorrowing today,
maybe tomorrow will be great.

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Thank you for
taking control,
holding the door,
giving me your food,
sharing your love,
leaving the door open.

Open for opportunities,
for adventure,
for education,
for growing,
for not walking back.

For the record I never
wanted you, this life,
the profound life,
I never wanted these memories.

You gave me,
a life I never knew
was possible.

Thank you.

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Truth is

Truth is,
I never knew how
to say goodbye
when you let go.

I still hold
those happy days,
when you never let go.

Truth is,
I’m not okay without
hearing your voice
each morning.

I strive to progress
but here I am splintered,
bit by bit stranded.

Truth is,
You’ll regret the moment
you said goodbye.

I’ll find my wings,
and soar higher
than the clouds you
look up to.

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Life’s Guarantee

Life is full of love,
it is in your laugh,
her smile, his success,
those tears, and death.

Life ends with death,
in your spirit, mind,
body, but makes time

Life exists in time,
an hour is a long time,
yet we waste it as if
we have an endless supply.

Love, Death, and Time are
precious gifts, often
too difficult to grasp,
and accept.

Sometimes we give out,
because life is hard,
however, don’t give up.
There is love within,
time still left,
and death to surpass.

In recent days I watched Collateral Beauty starring Will Smith which inspired this movie.

Life’s Road

If the road signs
told me about my life,
there would be
no surprises.

Take the road less
traveled they said,
my dusty dirt road
was never traveled —
until now.

The road taken isn’t about
your destination rather,
the journey to get
where you are.

Each road is different,
some tougher, darker
than others, yet
each have their lessons.

Versatile Blogger Award

I have been nominated by the amazing blogger Dailylife330 for this award and it’s quite an honor for me. I’m honored to get another nomination, I truly appreciate it however I think this is more about the other nominated bloggers than about myself. Please do check out my nominator’s and my nominees blogs because they each bring an interesting element to the world.

Rules :

  1. You have to thank the person who nominated you for this award and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Link the nominees and inform them about their nomination.
  3. Nominate up to 15 bloggers
  4. Share 7 facts about yourself.

7 Facts about myself.

  1. I watch social experiments on YouTube, my favorite series to watch is 0-100 by SoulPancake.
  2.  I often challenge people’s statements, not as a know it all but to show them the flaws within their statements. I also learn a lot by doing this.
  3.  I walked too and from school starting in kindergarten to my 8th grade year.
  4. I don’t write in hopes that people will read or even enjoy what I write. I write because one day my words will be priceless.
  5.  I play call of duty to unwind and forget my day.
  6.  I want to give a TedTalk, I just don’t know what I’d say to a room full of strangers.
  7.  I love when people choose to share stories of their life with me. I learn how they become the person I see before but I also get to be apart of their life in some small way.

Saying facts about myself is difficult because I don’t think I’m that special to have interesting facts about myself. Nonetheless there they are 7 more facts into my small little world. Now here are my nominations for the versatile blogger award.


  1. JohnCoyote
  2. RaulConde001
  3. WriteOfMight
  4. Beer-enity Now!
  5. LarenWalsburg
  6. TotallyInspiredMind
  7. Nicholas Gagnier-Karmalinguist
  8. SaschaDarlington’sMicroosmExplored
  9. RichardSexton-Reviier
  10. OatTheEdges
  11. KristenTwardowski
  12. WalkingTheLovelyJourney

These nominees each have a unique style and quality of writing. I enjoy going through my reader and reading their pieces. They display exceptional work and continue to make me want to be a better write. My glass is raised to you for all the hard work and dedication you put into your writings.

Nominees you do not have to participate in this award. Being nominated for an award is recognition for your hard work.

To my readers, thank you for taking the time our of your day to read my blogs. Without you my words would simply exist with no purpose.


The sun shines bright,
the birds chirp,
not a dark cloud

News slipped down
from the rocks
causing chaos throughout.

The sun shine feels dull,
the birds chirp silences,
the world seems colder.

Your door was opened,
and closed behind you
leaving me with tears
of joy and sorrow.

Your time to shine is now,
you’ve taught me so much,
and now you’re gone.


For a few weeks now there as been this scene in my mind that I cannot seem to shake. I’m more of a poet as you all are aware; however, I have dipped my quill on fiction writing and story building. It’s been over a year since I’ve written a scene but I’d like to share the brief scene.

“How do you see him in your mind?”

I hesitate, smile before answering.

The front door shut behind him as he sipped his hot coffee when the brisk air slipped under his shirt sending goose bumps to his spine. He placed a cigarette between his lips as he stared into the neighbor’s yard lighting the stick. He took a long drag and released it with a smile as if he was a dragon. He slips back into his world leaving a cold blank stare. His dark eyes were weary from battling the shadows within that no one seemed to understand. Each day he yearned to be home and in bed where he felt most comfortable. A butterfly landed on his shoe shifting his focus. His scruffy beard outlined his wide smile. He once read that if a butterfly lands on you it is good luck. Life seemed to be bearable for the moment as he sipped his coffee.