Life Poems / Poetry


The house stood still

while the children slept

and a cotton tailed

bunny roamed the house.

Leaving crumbs of carrots,

colored eggs, and candy baskets

for the children to find.

The sun rose waking the children,

eager to find what goodies

the Easter bunny had left them.

Yesterday was Easter. As a child I never understood what Easter was about besides a rabbit leaving candy and my mother always cooking lamb because it was tradition. I got older and started to understand that it was some religious holiday but I still didn’t know much about it. In high school I recall girls wearing Easter dresses which I didn’t understand why there needed to be special dress code for a holiday. Anyways, since I learned about the true meaning behind Easter, I am baffled as to why such a religious holiday was turned into this money making market. I believe that religious holidays should focus on the religious aspect and maybe not so much materialistic.


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