She stood like a stiff board As the men carried the box To it's restful place. Drapped on top of the pearl box laid a flag adorned with Stars and stripes. The flag took her father's place, no more daddy dances nor fishing with him. Many shake her hand, not one hold on too long, … Continue reading Memorial

5 Tips to Help Blog For 1 Year

1. Be Personal. Your readers are more likely to connect with you if you are personal with them. This also means being honest. 2. Use Categories and Tags. With every post you share you should have at least 1 category and 3 tags. By adding tags you are increasing your chances that your blog will … Continue reading 5 Tips to Help Blog For 1 Year

Call Center

Ring, Ring, Ring for three hours that’s what I hear. Others murmur about their days, or gossip about one another while they wait for a ‘Hello.’ Time to time that stranger is invested in my voice, for the company. Rejection after rejection hollows me out. I leave the shift wearing my failure. Featured Image.

Happy Anniversary Writing Natural!

Today marks one year since I started to write a blog for myself. Once I started, I wasn't sure what I was doing nor was I sure that I would make it an entire year, yet here we are. First off, Thank you to all of my followers, and devoted readers because without you all … Continue reading Happy Anniversary Writing Natural!

5 Poet to Poet Tips

I am no expert in Poetry writing, however as I continue to produce new material. I wanted to share some tips with you that I have gained over the years. Word Choice Counts. Poems are typically short and can have multiple meanings but this depends on your word choice. I enjoy writing ambiguous poetry however, … Continue reading 5 Poet to Poet Tips


Your wings are spread like an eagle, soaring through the bright blue sky leaving a trail behind. Disbelief shields my eyes in all your glory. You gain altitude before stalling, your jet comes falling. You catch up with your shadow just before pulling up and out in a double barrel roll. Your metal wings shine … Continue reading Soaring

Dear Mom,

Dear Mom, As the years pass by, I have realized how lucky I am to have a mother like you. From the day you discovered you were having a child to this moment, you've done nothing but support me. You've worked hard to make sure I had the things I needed. Granted, there were times … Continue reading Dear Mom,