My Cyber Life

I’ve been contemplating these last few days of what I should post about. Lately, I’ve had to study for my exams which I aced them! That is a wrap for this semester. Anyways, I wanted to share light with where I started as far as my cyber life goes.

As a kid I started countless tumblrs and bloggers that I truly cannot keep count. While I was working towards my Bachelor’s degree a few of my courses required me to make websites and do a blog (which I can’t find).

Time to Make a Difference
This website is about bullying and how to prevent bullying from happening. Building this website hit home for me because I struggled physically as a kid and was bullied a lot. It took a toll on my self-esteem however, I’ve over come those names they once called me.

IDT 3600 Portfolio

This website was designed to house all my technology integrated lessons I ever made. This class was a blast for me because I was not only designing these lesson plans for students I was able to student teach. The teacher and students enjoyed my 3rd grade lessons that the teacher had asked for my presentations, which reminded me that I am in the correct field.

Anyways since then I sort of stopped my cyber life until almost a year ago, when I started Writing Natural, which is my crowned jewel thanks to each and everyone of you. I hope tomorrow I’ll be back to my poetry.

May the 4th be with you. Happy 40th Anniversary Star Wars.

Featured Image.


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